3 Steps to Finding the Right Water Pitcher Filter for Your Family


You’re looking for a water pitcher for your home. You’re not just looking for any water pitcher however, you are looking for one that filters the contaminants out of the water you and your family drinks. So what do you do? First, you go to FiltersFast.com (where else?) and you begin to look up our vast line of water pitchers. Then, you get stuck. You see so many options from companies such as Brita, Filtrete, and PUR but you don’t know which one is best for you. I’m going to make this process simpler. There are three questions you need to consider before placing your order.

Does it fit your needs? If your family uses several gallons of water a day, you may need a pitcher with a large gallon capacity (such as ZeroWater 23-cup) to prevent constant refilling. Also, how long does the filter last? This can vary depending on usage and water quality, but it is an important factor to consider none the less.

What does it filter? Contaminant removal claims can vary from filter to filter. Make sure that your water pitcher filter (and any water filters in your house, such as in-house, RO, etc.) will remove the contaminants in your water supply. If you don’t know what’s in your water, you can request a Consumer Confidence Report (or CCR) from your local water utility. The EPA requires that water utilities provide a CCR to their customers every year. You may be able to find it posted on your local government website.

You can also consider a water test kit that will help identify problems with your water supply. This will give you a more assured feeling of what’s in your water and what water filter (water pitcher or not) would remove it.

What’s the price? This is tricky. Water pitcher filters remove harmful contaminants from your water supply and (subsequently) keep you and your family healthier. You can’t put a price tag on that. However, if you find that your water is relatively clean, then a $40 pitcher that removes contaminants you don’t currently have, may not be best for you. Instead, you could get by with the Culligan Water Pitcher priced at $15. You still get filtered water on hand at all times as you would with its peers.

Make a more informed decision when you buy a water pitcher filter. Be sure to take a look at the replacement filters your pitcher has and put them on Auto-Delivery for an additional 5% off your order so they will be delivered straight to your door at the frequency of your choosing.