Win a Dog or Cat Water Fountain with our Cutest Pet Contest

Think your pet’s the cutest? Post a photo on theFilters Fast Facebook page — if your photo gets the most “likes”, you will win a dog or cat water fountain!

To enter into the contest, just like our Facebook page and post a photo by 3 p.m. on Monday, May 16. At that time, we’ll move all of your photos into a separate album and allow people to vote on your photos by liking them. The voting will end at 3 p.m. on May 23, when we’ll announce the winner of the Dog It Water Fountain or Cat It Water Fountain (winner’s choice).  It probably goes without saying, but the pet must actually be yours to qualify. If it’s easier, you can also e-mail photos to

Just like people, it’s very important for your pets to stay hydrated. These water fountains provide a continuous supply of fresh and filtered drinking water. The water recirculates throughout the fountain, which exposes it to more oxygen and makes it more appealing to cats and dogs. Anyone who has ever offered their dog water from a garden hose knows this is the case! Water also helps to maintain proper kidney function in cats and dogs.