Charity Tuesday: Give Clean Water

Give Clean Water logoFor $100, you can provide clean water to one family in need, for a lifetime, through Give Clean Water (GCW) – a California-based, non-profit organization that partners with local community organizations in Fiji to install water filters for families in need of clean water.

The filter – called the “Point One Filter” – attaches to a 5-gallon bucket and removes more than 99.99 percent of bacteria and protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. It comes with a lifetime, “one-million gallon” guarantee.┬áPrior to each installation, GCW team members gather biographical and demographic information from the families, take photos, and mark each home with a GPS address. They also educate each family on basic hygiene and the importance of drinking and cooking with clean water. Once the filter is installed, GCW sends a follow up team to the homes to answer questions about the proper use and maintenance of the filter. Each home is also given contact information for the local community organization partnered with GCW, in case there are any problems.

Give Clean Water currently works in Fiji, but hopes to expand it’s reach in the coming years. Contrary to popular belief, not all ares of the Fiji Islands are vacation spots. Though the bottled water industry continues to make a profit on Fiji Water, sadly, there are many local residents who die from lack of access to clean water, every day.

Anyone can get involved by spreading the word through social media, sponsoring or participating in upcoming trips, hosting a unique fundraiser, or donating directly through the website.

Help us celebrate #charitytuesday by spreading the word about this unique water charity!

Charity Tuesday: Work and Walk for Water with Filters Fast

Work and Walk for WaterYou may have noticed we didn’t have a blog post up Tuesday, but that’s because we were too busy walking. Here at Filters Fast we realize how much we take something as simple as water for granted. Water is so abundant we use it to wash our hands, shower, clean our cars and pets, and even make our lawn greener. But we hardly ever think about how something that’s such a natural part of our lives could be considered scarce in some areas.

That’s why we decided to start our charity, Work and Walk for Water. There are some people in the world who don’t have access to clean water and we want to do something to make sure that’s not a permanent situation for them. You may be asking yourself, how can a small but dynamic company like Filters Fast make a difference? By walking, of course.

Our employee, Dee Ray, is taking a virtual walk to Sendai, Japan, an area hit hard by the recent tsunami and earthquake that is struggling to maintain access to clean drinking water, using the TrekDesk as her path. Dee will spend almost all of her workday walking on a treadmill rather than sitting idly at a desk. The treadmill will log her progress toward her 6,737 mile goal. Each single step brings us closer to helping bring clean water to those parts of the globe that need it. Along the way, Dee will make a few virtual stops at various schools to talk about water issues. Want Dee to visit your school or university? Drop her a line at

We encourage all those interested to get involved. Whether you’re part of a charity organization that wants to team up with us, a school that wants to hold a fundraising event, a business that would like to make a corporate donation, or even an individual who wants to donate by sponsoring a mile, there are many options available.
So tighten up your laces and help us reach the finish line.

Charity Tuesday: Abundant Water

Abundant Water 2011 CalendarAbundant Water (AW) is a non-profit organization founded by Australian engineer, and AW project manager, Sunny Forsyth. He realized the need for clean drinking water in rural communities in Laos, a developing country, while working as an Australian Government Youth Ambassador in 2007. He sought advice from Dr. Tony Flynn at the Australian National University, whose research demonstrated that clay-pot filters, made from sustainable materials found everywhere, are a low-cost, innovative and effective way to remove over 95 percent of the pathogens found in unsafe drinking water. In August of 2008, Abundant Water was born. Through the website, Sunny generated support for the project and began the process of making clay-pot filters with local potters.

Donations can be made from within or outside of Australia and they go toward training indigenous potters in Laos and elsewhere to make their own clay-pot water filters. Patrons can donate any amount, but the website suggests purchasing a 2011 Abundant Water Calendar (pictured above) for $15. This can provide training for one potter in Laos, and the calendar will serve as a daily reminder of the people your gift will help.

This #charitytuesday, we call attention to Abundant Water – a non-profit organization based in Australia, helping to bring clean drinking water to the people of Laos, through innovative, long-lasting methods.