Charity Tuesday: 3 for 5 Foundation

3 for 5 Foundation logoThe concept is simple, yet potentially massive: One person, called a droplet donates $5 to the 3 for 5 Foundation. He or she then approaches three friends, educates them about the cause, and asks them to donate $5. Those three droplets go out and each find three more friends and the cycle repeats, until 20 million droplets have banded together in an effort to bring clean water to people in developing nations.

The 3 for 5 Foundation partners with several “nonprofit organizations who have a proven track record of implementing sustainable, on-the-ground, clean water solutions in places of need.” Currently they are partnered with CARE, Lifewater International, Millennium Water Alliance and Water for People.

This #charitytuesday, we bring recognition to the 3 for 5 Foundation. Sign in to donate here; and don’t forget to tell 3 friends by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter! If we each contribute ┬ájust a little, we can make a huge difference.