Check it Out: CannedWater4Kids

The amount of water charities around the world seem to grow exponentially every year.  Many of these organizations are both headquartered and focused on serving foreign countries, making seeing the effect of your donation difficult. However, Wisconsin based CannedWater4Kids is changing all that. They have created an attractive, visible product by manufacturing colorful aluminum cans filled with purified drinking water. They hope that these cans will not only provide fresh water to children in need, but will soon serve as the symbol of clean water awareness. With $0.95 cents of every dollar donated guaranteed to go directly to those children who need fresh water, you can be ensured that your hard earned dollars are going towards doing the most good.

So why aluminum cans? There are many reasons, but it is primarily due to the fact that more and more people understand the importance of recycling to ensure global sustainability. Therefore, the aluminum can serves as a recognizable, economical, and safe way to bring clean, purified water to kids in need around the world.  Also, aluminum cans have a small environmental footprint, maintain a long shelf life, and can go from the recycling bin to the store shelf in 60 short days.

CannedWater4Kids has already made a difference in many places around the world. Shortly after the earthquake in Japan, CannedWater4Kids shipped52,800 cans of purified water to people living in schools, orphanages, and evacuation centers in the Minami-Sanriku area that completely relied on water from outside sources. The charity also works in conjunction with various other organizations including Engineers Without Borders at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.  This group of Engineers is working to build purification plants in the Highlands of Guatemala and they did not forget to bring CannedWater4Kids with them to pass out to the local community.

How can you get involved? As with many other water based charities, monetary donations are always welcome. You can do this over CannedWater4Kids secure website or via snail mail. Another innovative way to get involved is to purchase a colorful 12 or 24 pack case of the purified CannedWater4Kids water. Not only will this serve as an interesting conversation piece at your next family gathering, but the water tastes great and your donation will be going to a more than worthy cause. At just a dollar a can, you can make a donation while getting water that is both purified and eco-friendly. Small business and retail store owners also have the option to stock the water in their store by contacting

So this week, our charity is CannedWater4Kids. They have created an imaginative, fun product that can be seen as a symbol of water charity consciousness. Priding themselves on doing the most good with your donation dollars, getting involved with CannedWater4Kids is a great way to begin working with water charities.


Charity Tuesday: Work and Walk for Water with Filters Fast

Work and Walk for WaterYou may have noticed we didn’t have a blog post up Tuesday, but that’s because we were too busy walking. Here at Filters Fast we realize how much we take something as simple as water for granted. Water is so abundant we use it to wash our hands, shower, clean our cars and pets, and even make our lawn greener. But we hardly ever think about how something that’s such a natural part of our lives could be considered scarce in some areas.

That’s why we decided to start our charity, Work and Walk for Water. There are some people in the world who don’t have access to clean water and we want to do something to make sure that’s not a permanent situation for them. You may be asking yourself, how can a small but dynamic company like Filters Fast make a difference? By walking, of course.

Our employee, Dee Ray, is taking a virtual walk to Sendai, Japan, an area hit hard by the recent tsunami and earthquake that is struggling to maintain access to clean drinking water, using the TrekDesk as her path. Dee will spend almost all of her workday walking on a treadmill rather than sitting idly at a desk. The treadmill will log her progress toward her 6,737 mile goal. Each single step brings us closer to helping bring clean water to those parts of the globe that need it. Along the way, Dee will make a few virtual stops at various schools to talk about water issues. Want Dee to visit your school or university? Drop her a line at

We encourage all those interested to get involved. Whether you’re part of a charity organization that wants to team up with us, a school that wants to hold a fundraising event, a business that would like to make a corporate donation, or even an individual who wants to donate by sponsoring a mile, there are many options available.
So tighten up your laces and help us reach the finish line.