Queen Latifah Invests in NYC Bottled Spring Water

Queen Latifah’s latest business venture just might be as worthless as deciding to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate right now…

Bottled water? And in New York City, no less – a city that has some of the best-tasting tap water in the country.

That’s right, folks. Queen Latifah has entered the bottled water business as an investor in New York Spring Water, in conjunction with the Flavor Unit Entertainment Group, which manages her film and television projects. The plan is to use her film and TV career to market the New York City bottled water brands – Aqua84 mineral water, VBlast Vitamin Water and VBee Vitamin water for kids. (Watch out, Ellen DeGeneres!) These brands were set to hit 7-11 stores in mid-October.

I guess when you have the fame and fortune of celebrities like Queen Latifah, one bad investment is no worse than losing a few pennies to your money-hungry sofa cushions.

Justin Bieber Attacked by Bottled Water

With all of the recent talk about celebrities and bottled water, perhaps it comes as no surprise that teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, has been frequently seen drinking Vitamin Water, which is rumored to be his favorite drink. Perhaps he will soon join the ranks of other celebrities featured in bottled water ads. Last year, during one of his concerts, one fan made it very clear to him how she feels about this possibility:

Bieber retains his composure in spite of being hit in the head with a full bottle of water. Still, the message is clear – this is what happens to celebrities who endorse bottled water. Bieber and Ellen fans – join us in our efforts to stop the madness! Let’s put an end to the devastation of our planet by harmful plastic waste!

Ellen DeGeneres Vitamin Water Ads Draw Criticism

bottled water controversy

Ellen’s Caught Up in Vitamin Water Criticism

You can add talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to our list of celebrities who promote bottled water. Ellen is the newest sponsor of Vitamin Water, joining the ranks of other celebrities like 50 Cent and American Idols Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

The bottled water debate has been going on for some time, so it’s hardly surprising that yet another celebrity is promoting bottled water. However, it has come as a shock to many of Ellen’s fans, who temper their criticism with kindness.

For instance, Beth Terry over at Fake Plastic Fish began her article thusly: “I love Ellen, but I want her to dump her bottled water advertising contracts.”

Juli Borst, a self-confessed fan of Ellen DeGeneres and blogger at PlasticlessNYC , formed the Facebook group Tell Ellen Degeneres To Dump Bottled Water Advertising! On the group’s page, Juli writes, “We love Ellen Degeneres. But we hate that she is lending her personality to advertisements for bottled water–an industry that is damaging to people, animals, and the planet.”

Stephanie Soechtig, the director of the film Tapped, wrote a piece for the Huffington Post just yesterday entitled, “I’m Done with Celebrity Endorsements“. Having extolled the environmental dangers of bottled water waste in her film, it wasn’t long before Stephanie turned her attention to Ellen DeGeneres and her newfound promotion of bottled water: “We’re so quick to condemn the big corporations that pollute our natural resources, yet we glamorize the very people that endorse the product those corporations are selling.”

From all of the comments in the Facebook group and these articles, it’s obvious that many people do glamorize Ellen Degeneres. She’s not glamorized in the same way as the rest of her Vitamin Water compatriots, nor is she a sex symbol for the brand, like Jennifer Aniston is with SmartWater.

No, Ellen’s fans idolize the talk show host for her kindness, quirkiness, and her compassionate voice. Perhaps they see her as a more down-to-earth celebrity, and for that reason they are dismayed at why she of all people would sponsor Vitamin Water. They want Ellen to use her voice for good.

If you want to make your voice heard, Juli has composed a list of ways you can contact Ellen to urge her to stop promoting bottled water.