The Famous New York Baking Water Corp.

Famous New York Baking Water Corp.If asked to list the ingredients of a well-made New York-style pizza, most would begin by rattling off the usual suspects: a hand-tossed crust, a delicious tomato sauce and fresh  mozzarella. Few would start by mentioning the one ingredient that many insist is critical in making a New York-style pizza pie: the water.

New York City has long been praised for its water. Last year, we wrote about a company called Tap’d NY, which was openly bottling New York’s tap water for sale. And, perhaps not surprisingly, people were buying it.

Now, many restaurants outside of New York are using the same water to make their pizza, bagels and breads, thanks to the Famous New York Baking Water Corp. The company has created a water filtration system that yields water with a similar profile to New York’s acclaimed water, which is then used by bakers and chefs to produce foods similar to those found in New York.

The water can also be used in sauces, soups or other dishes that aren’t exclusively thought of as “New York” foods. The company claims that the water is similar to New York’s water from a century ago, “before pollutants and contaminants invaded the water supply.” Now, the company says, restaurateurs can use this same great-tasting water without worrying about contaminants and impurities.