Enter Our Super Bowl XLVI “Predict The Final Score” Contest

Image Credit: Dial Global Sports

We have some die-hard New York Giants Fans and some die-hard New England Patriots Fans in our office at Filters Fast. Leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, it seems like its more competitive with the fans here in our office than on the field! Everyone is talking trash like you won’t believe. We have heard some extreme predictions for who is going to walk away with this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy! Of course, when Monday February 6, 2012 rolls around, I guess we will see who is still talking trash and who is going to plead the 5th Amendment so that whatever they say will not incriminate them!

Now, Filters Fast wants to hear from you by entering our “Predict The Final Score” Facebook Contest! To enter the contest, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Post which team you predict will win Super Bowl XLVI and what the “exact” final score will be on our Facebook page.
  2. The Super Bowl XLVI Score Prediction Contest begins Monday January 30, 2012 and ends at 3:00pm on Friday February 3, 2012.
  4. The “first” person who posts and predicts the exact final score of Super Bowl XLVI will receive a $25.00 Visa Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Monday February 6, 2012 on our Facebook page. The Facebook announcement will include the winner with instructions on how and by when to claim your prize.
  5. PRIZE: A $25.00 Visa Gift Card.
  6. In the event that we do not have a winner who predicts the exact final score, we choose a winner based on who comes the closest to the final score without going over.

Image Credit: Indiewire

So all of you New York Giants and New England Patriots fans, let us hear from you! And even if your team is not playing in the Super Bowl this year, please feel free to post your predictions as well. We know we are surrounded by more trash talking that can fill up a landfill. We know that some of you would like to also, so we will allow you to trash talk as much as you want, BUT please refrain from using profanity and making any offensive remarks! Kickoff is at 6:25p.m. EST at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for those of you interested in watching the game! Good luck!