Daylight Savings Time Approaching – Time to Change Your Air Filter

Daylight Savings Time

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“Spring forward, fall back.” It’s a simple phrase we’ve used for years to remind ourselves about Daylight Savings Time, when we either advance our clocks forward and back. We moved our clocks one hour forward earlier this Spring, March 2nd to be exact, and we will move our clocks one hour back this fall, on November 6th. While it’s important to note November 6th to make sure you’re in synch with the rest of the world, there is a major reason you may not have thought about yet: replacing your air and furnace filters.

The Northwest Natural Gas Company notes that many American choose Daylight Savings as the time to replace the batteries in their smoke detectors, but we should also replace our furnace filters too. NW Natural states:

 “This will save money and extend the life of your furnace. The easiest and least expensive way to ensure your furnace is running efficiently is to change the filter on a regular basis. For a relatively low cost you can rack up measurable savings on winter heating costs and avoid expensive repairs in the future. Plan to replace your filter every one to three months when the heater is in use. Homes with pets may benefit from replacing the filter more frequently. This is an excellent way to improve home air quality in a season when many more hours are spent indoors.”

Having trouble deciding which furnace filter to buy? Here are a few suggestions:

Filters Fast Air & Furnace Filters MERV 11, 6-pack

  •  These are economical filter replacements sold in a variety of sizes. With a MERV 11 rating you can ensure that your indoor air is protected from dust, dirt, mold spores, and pet dander.

Filtrete Ultra Allergen Air Filter

  •  A high-performing air filter that uses electrostatically charged fibers to attract airborne particles, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris, smoke, pet dander, household dust, smog, bacteria, and virus carrying particles. Also, save $6 through a mail-in-rebate available on our site.

Trion Air Bear Media AC Filter

  •  This pleated air filter features a MERV 8 rating. Trion Air Bear whole-house media AC filters are a practical choice due to the high-efficiency synthetic material used in their construction and their extended-surface pleats that provide for higher dirt-holding capacity. Efficient air conditioning filters can prolong the life of your equipment, and save you money.

Prepare for Fire Prevention Week!

With Fire Prevention Week starting on October 9th, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the simple ways you can protect both your home and your loved ones. Oftentimes, fires in the home start as a result of poorly maintained electrical equipment and appliances such as dryers. With the dry fall air taking over the hot days of summer, take a look at this checklist and make sure your home is safe!


1)      Maintain Dryer Lint Filter Screens: Busy moms and dads often leave laundry in the dryer while at work or picking the kids up from school. However, it only takes an extra piece of lint to start a dryer fire. Be sure to have a lint filter screen for your dryer, and make sure that you clean it every time you use the dryer! Consider the Whirlpool 349639 Dryer Lint Filter Screen, which  fits numerous name brand dryers.

2)      Keep Fireplaces Clean and Maintained: Ensure that you have a spark screen or glass door for your fireplace. If you have furniture close to your fireplace, a spark can easily start a fire.

3)      Regularly Change Furnace Filters: In the long list of things to do, remembering to change your homes furnace filters regularly probably falls to the bottom of the list. However, a clogged air filter can lead to poor indoor air quality at best, and carbon monoxide poisoning and chance of fire at  worst. These filters should be changed every 3 months. To take the stress out of remembering, purchase a 6 pack of filters (which is enough for the whole year!) and sign up for a free reminder service from Filters Fast!

4)      Be Careful with Cigarettes: While you might not be able to prevent Uncle Jim from smoking when he visits, you can make sure that it won’t become harmful to your home. Be sure to have a designated smoking area and be sure to completely put out ALL cigarettes and frequently clean the ashtray.

If you are concerned about smell, consider the Holmes Smokeless Ashtray Smoke Grabber, which traps smoke from a lit cigarette before the smoke gets dispersed throughout your home!

These simple solutions will help protect your family from the dangers of fire. Of course, it is also crucial to keep batteries changed on smoke detectors and to have an escape plan in place should a fire occur. However,  something as easy as cleaning your dryer lint filter and your furnace filters regularly will guard your home, belongings, and family.

Remember: Fire Prevention Week is October 9th- 16th 2011!

How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect your Home’s Appearance

Indoor air quality not only affects your health. It can also greatly affect the appearance of your home. In a rare phenomenon known as “ghosting,” fine particles of soot collect on parts of walls that are cooler in temperature and have a high electrostatic attraction, causing darkening and discoloration in certain areas. This may also occur on ceilings and carpets.

Though much of this is attributed to low air pressure due to your home’s construction, some of the problem may be reduced or eliminated through the regulation and maintenance of your indoor air. Since ghosting is caused by soot particles, the natural solution is to eliminate the source of soot.  Soot often comes from fireplaces, furnaces, candles and fuel-burning fixtures that are not well-vented. Cleaning and replacing your furnace filters regularly can help prevent the accumulation of soot particles within the home.

Filters Fast carries several electrostatic air filters that remove soot, smoke and other odor-carrying particles from the air that flows through them. Like the cooler parts of your walls, these filters carry an electrostatic charge that attracts many particles, which stick to the air filters making them dirty. Unlike your walls, carpets and ceilings, air filters are easily replaceable, affordable, and hidden where no one can see them. Sounds like a worthwhile investment, right?