Are You Guilty of Abusing Your Garbage Disposal?

All too often, if you have a garbage disposal, you may be guilty of trying to put something in it that could result in costly repairs down the road. As we engage in carrying out our spring-cleaning tasks, we are sometimes stunned by the repulsive stench coming from our kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal. When it begins to smell as if something died in there, it probably did.

We tend to think that the powerful motor and blade of the garbage disposal can grind and dissolve just about anything that is shoved down the narrow opening. As a word of caution, the following things should not go in your garbage disposal that could cause irreparable damage:

Things that can easily become trapped, wedged or cause damage to the motor and blades of your garbage disposal: Bones from meat or poultry, Seeds or stone fruit pits from plums, avocados or olives.

Things that could wrap around the blades of your disposal and prevent water from flowing through it: The thin membrane of eggshells, stringy vegetables and starchy vegetables such as potato peels.

Things that can expand and clog: Rice, pasta and coffee grinds could continue to expand and create a water flow problem in your drain or disposal.

Things that could solidify: Cooking grease is a definite no-no. As it cools, it can solidify in the drain, create a massive clog and back up excess kitchen scraps in your sink.

The garbage disposal is not a trash compactor, but designed to get rid of harmless kitchen scraps. Along with damage to your garbage disposal, you may experience a strong foul odor that comes from food and grease being trapped in your disposer or sink. The Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner is a foaming lemon scented cleaning pack that features a bleach alternative, which helps to reduce and remove odors permeating from your garbage disposal unit. These garbage disposal-cleaning packets are designed to use weekly and are safe on septic systems, because they do not contain phosphates.

Stay away from the verdict of being found guilty for abusing your garbage disposal. Avoid the urge to throw something down the drain that could harm operable components. To keep your drain and garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean, try the Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner for that pleasant lemony scent.