Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad


We have great gift ideas for mom and dad for the holidays or all year round, at affordable prices. Browse below for our trendy ideas and place your order today!





Brita On-Tap Faucet Filter System                ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
Attaches directly to your faucet and               Provides great drinking water by removing
reduces chlorine, sediment, lead and dirt.       dissolved solids, making this a great gift.





Brita Grand Water Pitcher-Green                   Mavea Water Pitchers– Red and Green
This stylish “green” water pitcher                    Provides fresher and cleaner drinking water
eliminates the need to buy bottled water.        by reducing bacteria, bad taste and odor.





PUR Water Pitcher with LED Light                   Sprite 3-Setting Filtered Shower Handle
This filtered water pitcher is an ideal gift            Is a great gift for mom featuring a 3 spray
that holds seven 8 oz. glasses of water.           setting leaving her feeling refreshed.







Klean Kanteen Reflect                                      Omnifilter Countertop Water Filter System
A gift for dad that is strong,                               Sits directly on your counter to give you
durable and won’t leave unwanted flavors.           fresh water at an affordable cost.

Here are more great gift ideas for Mom and Dad:

Sprite High Output Massage                                           Kor Vida 500ml

Sprite Mediterranean Bath Salts                                      Mavea Water Pitcher-Purple

Kor Aura Ice Blue                                                           Kor Delta Ice Blue

Home Source Vacuum Scents– Lemon Zest and Spring Meadow

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7 Unique Gifts for Mom from Filters Fast

I love you momPerhaps you hadn’t thought about Filters Fast as the place to buy your mom that special gift that says “I love you.” But, we do carry a few items that are practical and will manage to make mom feel extra-special too. Even if you don’t buy one of these in time for Mother’s Day this year, there’s always her birthday, Christmas, next Mother’s Day, or even “just because.”

1. PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Silver Faucet Water Filter

This faucet filter removes or reduces lead, mercury, sediment, dirt, microbial cysts, and the bad taste and odor of chlorine. A stainless steel finish makes it the perfect addition to mom’s kitchen, and best of all, installation is easy. Simply snap the PUR 3-Stage faucet-mount filter onto your faucet with just one click. No messy, under sink installation for dad this Mother’s Day.

2. Mavea Elemaris Filtered Water Pitcher

Recently dubbed “the sexiest water filtration pitcher in town,” the Mavea Elemaris filtered water pitcher has a soft, rubber grip handle and a sleek look that is perfect for entertaining guests, while providing fresh filtered water, free from contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper, benzine, atrazine, limescale, rust and more. This is one gift that mom will use over and over again.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

As we stated in a recent post, reusable water bottles are the perfect active wear fashion accessory. Besides that, they will help mom save money that she’d otherwise spend on single-use, plastic bottled water. A Klean Kanteen filled with already-filtered tap water, or a Brita bottle that comes with a built-in filter are the perfect gifts for moms who are constantly on-the-go.

4. Sprite Shower Falls Multi-Position Filtered Shower Head

Sprite is known for manufacturing some of the highest-quality water filters, and this particular filtered shower head not only reduces harmful chlorine; it features a beautiful chrome finish along with a 5-way massaging spray. Here is a gift that encourages relaxation and good health, all in one system.

5. Rainshow’r Gard’n Gro Garden Filter System

Help mom out with her garden this summer with a Rainshow’r Gard’n Gro Water Filter System. This non-toxic dechlorinator promotes healthy plant growth and nutrition by removing harsh, toxic chlorine from your water, before it reaches your plants. Those garden-fresh tomatoes, squash and zucchini will be better than ever, this year.

6. A Year’s Supply of Filters Fast Air Filters

Has mom been suffering from allergies this spring? A 6-pack of Filters Fast 1″ MERV 13 air filters will efficiently improve indoor air quality for at least an entire year. Give mom a gift that will last through next Mother’s Day.

7. A New Microwave Filter

This is one set of products that many people don’t know we carry. In fact, it’s one of the most neglected items in the home, as most people do not even turn on their microwave & hood range vents while cooking. Even if they do, the filter likely hasn’t been cleaned or replaced in quite some time. To learn more about the necessity for range hood filters, check out this post we did last year. In the meantime, mom’s microwave filter probably needs replacing, so buy her a new one from Filters Fast.

All the moms out there: which one of these items says I love you, best?