Critical Replacement Parts you Should be Aware Of

)-Rings, wrenches, brackets, orificesHumidifiers, air purifiers and water filters are household appliances that need regular maintenance to keep them running at optimum levels. To do this, these appliances have many replacement parts designed to keep efficient levels maintained. Here at we want you to be aware of some of the replacement parts that you need.

O-Ring replacement partDid you know that most leaks from water filters can be traced back to the filters O-Ring? These are used to create a seal between the water and the filter. O-Rings should be replaced whenever you notice a leak or during every filter change. This makes having extra O-rings on hand a good idea.

Mounting bracketThe best way to minimize damage to your water line is with a bracket. These components hold water filter housings and systems together, by acting as a support system. Brackets remove weight and stress from water lines, which in effect causes it to minimize damage to your plumbing system. We offer many Pentek and Culligan Mounting Brackets all for affordable low prices.

Valves, Fittings and Tubing’s are all critical components of your home filtration system. The valve controls water flow; the tubing is the pipeline, while the fittings connects the tubing to the valve. These three are critical replacement parts for maintaining your filter system.

Filter wrenchThe use of a wrench can be multi-fold, but be sure to use one to open your water filter. Only use a wrench specially designed for your brand water filter as using any other kind could cause damage. It is advised to hand tighten filters when re-installing a filter.

OrificeDid you know that humidifiers have an orifice that allows the right amount of water into the humidifier? Failure to replace your orifice can cause damage with build-up that can drastically reduce your humidifier’s efficiency. We offer many Aprilaire and Generalaire brand of Orifices.

We have the replacement parts you need to keep your system operating at its optimum performance at incredibly low prices.