Plane Clean Air Filters for Frequent Flyers

Photo by the Wright House

The art and science of flying has transformed inconceivably since the first hot air balloon flight by Jacques and Joseph Mongolfier of France in 1783. November is Aviation History Month. This month we celebrate and honor the men, women and events that helped to shape, develop and elevate air travel in a myriad of ways.

As the holiday season kicks in, many air travelers are concerned about the cabin air that they breathe in. Frequent flyers are turning to an easy and convenient travel companion that helps to reduce the intake of bacteria, viruses and other allergens circulating in the cabin air. The Plane Clean Air Filter helps to remove approximately 99.5% of airborne allergens, bacteria and other particles that could make you sick.  Replacement filters for the Plane Clean Air Filter includes 1 filter and 2 adhesive gaskets.



Science, engineering and modern technology has certainly shaped the tapestry of transportation history that leaped into a tremendous hallmark for some famous aviation “firsts.” Paul Haenlein who operated the first gas powered dirigible (airship or blimp) and the Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur) who took the first airplane flight would be absolutely astonished by the progress made due to their pioneering in-flight experimentations. We made tremendous strides in aviation history and to keep our air travel enjoyable now, clean cabin air is the last thing you need to worry about.