Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays with this Special Offer

American Metal Filter CompanyIt’s that time of the year to get ready for holiday cooking and we want to help you prepare. Kitchen appliances function at their peak performance with a routine replacement of microwave oven and range hood filters. Replacing these filters as recommended, will improve ventilation, longevity and proper functioning of your cooking appliances. This is why from October 15-Thanksgiving, we are giving you an additional 5% off on all American Metal Filter Company (AMFCO) products that we offer such as:

American Metal Filter Company Range Hood FilterThe Microwave Range Hood Filter RLF1701 can be used in various microwaves, ducted and non-ducted range hoods, and other compatible applications which require air filtration. This filter replacement reduces smoke, grease, dust and re-circulates filtered air back to the kitchen. This filter is made of aluminum and includes a light lens.

American Metal Filter Company Universal Carbon FilterThe Universal Carbon Range Hood Filter is a trim to fit oven range carbon filter that can be used with many microwave ovens, over the range oven hoods  and other applications requiring odor elimination. It filters and re-circulates cooking odors when the oven is not vented to the outside. It is also used for odor elimination through the use of the oven fan when cooking on your range stove, as well as a replacement filter for certain microwave ovens.

A clean filter helps extract airborne grease, particulate and odors caused by your stove-top cooked meals, conventional oven and microwavable meals. With a life span of about nine months to a year, chances are now is a good time to replace your current range hood or microwave oven filter.

During the upcoming holiday season, be sure to keep regular maintenance on all of your kitchen appliances, including your filters. Grease filters should be cleaned frequently, while avoiding cleaning products containing ammonia, and using safer products such as Simple Green.

American Metal Filter Co. has “Made in America” manufactured products for 26 years and counting. They produce every size and shape of range hood and microwave oven filter available. Get an additional 5% off your next AMFCO filter purchase from October 15-Thanksgiving. The additional 5% off discount will be reflected in the price. Don’t let this special offer pass without taking advantage of it.