Who Needs a Leprechaun for These St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms?

Each year on March 17, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know that the original color associated with St. Patrick was blue? The color blue is often connected to depth and stability, but also symbolizes trust, faith, loyalty, wisdom and truth. As early as the 17th century, however, the color green was worn in celebration of this day. Green is also symbolic of balance, life, nature, fertility, health, good luck, tranquility, well-being and even jealousy.

For over 1,000 years, the Irish observed St. Patrick’s Day as a religious holiday, although it is steeped with deep-rooted folklore. From shamrocks to leprechauns sitting on a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the United States and abroad with Irish inspired feasts, parades and gallantly wearing many hues of green. To commemorate this lucky day and the arrival of spring, we decided to share some of our all time favorite green items that do not require a 4-leaf clover for good luck.

Water Filtration Pitchers: Green Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher and the Green Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher.

Reusable Water Bottles:  Be Green Klean Kanteen 27 oz Bottle & Loop Cap, Green Vapur Anti Bottle Water Bottle and KOR Delta Sawgrass Green Water Bottle.

Humidifiers: Green Crane EE-5301 Cool Mist Humidifier and Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Frog Humidifier.

Ireland is known for its lush green landscape and is thus named the Emerald Isle. Is it really true that if you do not wear green on St. Patrick’s Day you will get pinched by a leprechaun? Moreover, what about the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame? Will they wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or are they immune to the pinches by the legendary leprechauns?

Get the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate!

Photo Courtesy of myrecipes.com

The cold month of February is the perfect time for couples to cuddle up under blankets by the fire. Valentine’s Day also falls in February, so it is no stretch that this month is also known as Chocolate Lover’s Month. Even donut and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts is celebrating by introducing new donuts such as the Chocolate Chip Bagel Twist and Reverse Boston Kreme. Dunkin’ Donuts is also featuring heart shaped donuts for you and your sweetheart!

When it comes to chocolate, I usually prefer to eat it rather than drink it. However, every once in a while, a good cup of hot chocolate does just the trick. Nothing feels better than wrapping my hands around a warm cup of hot chocolate after being outside in the snow and wind. The following products will help get you that perfect cup every time:

Everpure EverHot Hot Water System with Chrome Faucet

                This complete undersink hot water system will provide you and your family with the highest quality water possible.  This system comes complete with a chrome faucet and can be installed under any sink. This system is also ideal for commercial applications. The maximum temperature of the Everpure EverHot is 190 degrees Fahrenheit, but can easily be adjusted lower. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as well as soup, oatmeal, pasta and more!

Everpure Solaria Instant Hot Water Dispenser

                This under sink hot water system will instantly provide you with hot water up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot water dispenser is also ideal for commercial applications. If you want to quickly and easily make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, than the Solaria Instant Hot Water Dispenser is for you!

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle

                Need something to take that delicious hot chocolate with you on the road? The Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle can store up to 12 ounces of hot liquid including soup, stew and hot drinks.  This canteen is dishwasher safe and is made from food-grade stainless steel. This insulated bottle is the perfect accessory for a romantic stroll through the park on a cold night!

So whether you prefer to eat or drink your chocolate this month, get out there and celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month!

Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water- Even While Camping!

Thinking of going camping this fall season? Across the country the leaves have changed and there are a multitude of beautiful colors to be seen.  The cool, crisp air means less bugs and clear night skies full of stars. If you, like me, are not THRILLED at the prospect of sleeping outside and not having clean fresh water to drink, the following products will save the day.


Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier- Blue Splash

This sleek and stylish Katadyn water bottle does more than simply hold water. This water bottle features a personal filtration system directly inside the bottle. The built in virustat and cyst filter will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts and other impurities from virtually all fresh water sources. In addition, the carbon cartridge removes chemicals, making your water taste better. The MyBottle is even registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its efficiency at removing impurities.

Use the Katadyn MyBottle to filter the following water sources:

1)      Lakes

2)      Ponds

3)      Rivers

4)      Streams

Katadyn Mini Ultralight Series Microfilter- Black

                The Katadyn Mini Ultralight Microfilter is ideal for camping and hiking. This filter removes protozoa, cysts, sediment, dirt, viruses, spores dirt and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in size. This microfilter has a 2,000 gallon capacity before needing a filter replacement. Weighing less than a pound, this easy to carry filtration system is great when you do not have a readily available fresh water source.

Klean Kanteen 18 oz Bottle & Loop Cap- Red

    The Kleen Kanteen 18 oz Bottle is BPA free and is manufactured out of the highest quality stainless steel. This is an eco friendly alternative to bringing a 24 pack of bottled water to your next camping trip. The convenient loop cap makes it easy to attach to backpacks and camping equipment.  This water bottle comes in a variety of colors.

 Nite Ize Carbiner, Klean Kanteen S-Biner # 3

         The Kleen Kanteen Carbiner will make it easy for you and your family to attach your Kleen Kanteen water bottle to belts, backpacks and camping equipment. Manufactured out of the same stainless steel as your Kleen Kanteen water bottle, two snaps is all it takes to bring your bottle everywhere you need it to go.


Vapur Anti Bottle Water Bottle- Pink 16 oz.

Perfect for the little campers in your party,  this reusable water bottle  features a space saving design. They are extremely flexible and almost completely collapsible, making this water bottle ideal when you are tight on space. The matching clip on the water bottle makes it easy to clip onto hiking bags and camping equipment. This water bottle is made out of BPA free plastic and holds 16 ounces.



With these easy to use products, you can be sure that your next camping and hiking trip will be a great success!