Lose Weight by Drinking More Water

lose weight by drinking water

Like many, you probably have a New Year’s Resolution that involves losing weight. No matter how much weight you are looking to lose over the coming year, there is a simple and effective way to lose those unwanted pounds: drinking more water. Studies show that dieters who drank at least 2 cups of water before a meal lost 5 pounds more than a group of dieters who did not increase their water intake.

What should you take away from this study? Drinking water can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution for 2013. Along with eating healthier, drinking healthier is effective in losing unwanted pounds and getting more fit. Increasing your water intake is not hard with a portable water bottle. These reusable water bottles are safer for the environment than plastic bottled water, which lacks regulations and pollutes our nations landfills and waterways. By using reusable water bottles, you are losing weight and helping to protect the environment.





Made from BPA free stainless steel, the        Stay hydrated and motivated with Kor. These
Klean Kanteen is a great alternative to           versatile water bottles contain Kor Stones,
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of 12 oz. and higher.                                    encourage and inspire during workouts.




The Filtrete 4-Bottle Water Station allows        Purify tap water wherever needed with Brita.
you to filter and bottle your own water.            Holding 24 ounces, this bottle purifier is
Start and Maintain Weight Loss with              great for workouts. The filter inside this
this water station for 2013 and beyond.           bottle is certified to reduce contaminants.

Increasing your daily water intake can get you closer to meeting your fitness goals for 2013. Drinking more water can be the beginning of achieving a more healthy and fit lifestyle.