Matt Damon’s Newest Role: Water Warrior

Matt Damon is trying to save the world.

This may sound like a line from a movie trailer, but Matt Damon’s non-profit organization,, is trying to save those 1 billion people around the world that do not have clean water.  In 2009, co- founder Gary White’s WaterPartners merged with Damon’s H20 Africa and was born. Damon and White have set out to find new financing models and long lasting solutions to the world’s water crisis. focuses on drilling new wells in those desperate communities that need them most. When the community in need requests a project, one of’s local partners evaluates the request and then works directly with the team at to create a funding plan. While this may seem counterintuitive, the people at believe, “During the past 20 years, we have found that demand-driven projects are far more sustainable than projects where an outsider makes the decision to provide a project.” In places like Bhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, where 31 million people do not have clean water, Matt Damon and the people at are using grants and WaterCredit programs to address safe water needs in both rural and urban areas.’s WaterCredit program is one of the organizations innovative ways to combat the world water crisis. Since grants alone are not enough to reach the billion people in need of fresh, clean water, the WaterCredit program gives small loans to individuals and communities so they can address their own water needs. This not only gives people the power to solve their own communities’ water crisis, it also yields more long term success. has invested over $2.9 million dollars in WaterCredit programs, with success stories coming from all parts of Bangladesh, India, and Kenya.

In India, a woman named S. Gandhamani took out a WaterCredit loan to install a new water tap outside of her home. Today, Gandhamani now has access to fresh water daily.  The wastewater that runs from the drainage around the tap has now allowed her to start a flourishing garden of banana trees. Gandhamani sells these bananas at market and brings in extra money for her family.

So how can you help Matt Damon and  You can donate money in any amount you like over their secure website. They also offer the option to donate in someone else’s name, and they will send a “Gift of Water” card to the recipient. also launched their sister website,– which allows you to track various communities around the world where is making a difference. Similar to Twitter, you are able to comment and communicate with people who are involved with Water.Org.  This is an inventive way for people to see where their donations are going, and to see how different communities, such as La Kabouy, in Haiti, are progressing. So this week, our Charity Tuesday choice is and it’s not just because Matt Damon is a total stud.

Klean Kanteen Special Edition Bottles

Klean Kanteen is part of a growing marketing trend that supports earth-friendly causes with a percentage of the profits from their product sales. (Think TOMS shoes – for each pair purchased, they send one to a child in need; or Boxed Water, which sends ten percent of its profits to world water relief foundations and another ten percent to reforestation efforts.) Klean Kanteen currently has two Special Edition bottles. A small percent of the profits from the sale of each goes toward the support of the causes these bottles represent.

Klean Kanteen: The Plastiki Expedition

You may remember The Plastiki from a previous blog post. This boat is made from plastic bottles and is now in the final week of its epic ocean voyage from the San Francisco Bay to Sidney, Australia. The purpose of this three-month expedition is to raise environmental awareness – to alert people about the dangers of environmental waste and global warming. Klean Kanteen’s place in this equation is quite appropriate, as this vessel, like the Plastiki, is a reminder of the dangers of plastic waste – much of which is attributed to bottled water. By purchasing a Klean Kanteen, you can cut down on bottled water and the waste it creates. Even better – by purchasing a Klean Kanteen Plastiki Special Edition bottle, you can simultaneously support the Plastiki’s voyage and mission, since $8 from the sale of each bottle goes toward her cause.

Klean Kanteen: Fill. Drink. Repeat

Fill. Drink. Repeat. This is the basic process whereby owners of the Klean Kanteen (or any other reusable stainless steel water bottle) stay hydrated. These bottles were designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio No. 1 for the launch of SHFT and feature the original “Fill. Drink. Repeat.” artwork. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of these bottles goes to (a well-known water charity co-founded by Matt Damon.)  Not only do you get a cool product that helps you cut down on plastic waste. You also get the satisfaction of providing safe, clean drinking water to those who don’t have access to it. So take a sip of the filtered tap water in your Klean Kanteen “Fill. Drink. Repeat.” Special Edition bottle, sit back, relax, and watch the world change.