National Dog Week: Honoring Man’s Best Friend

National Dog WeekThey come in all colors, shapes and sizes. I’m not talking about people; I’m talking about man’s best friend: dogs. These friendly canines have managed to become a critical part of our society from helping guide the blind, helping police fight crime and simply being a pleasure to be around. It is because of this that there is a whole week dedicated to our four-legged friends. National Dog Week is an 84-year old tradition that is still going strong and uniting many dog lovers from around the country. In honor of this special occasion, let’s look at some dog-related products for your best friend.

Sawyer Tick Pliers with MagnifierAny dog owner will tell you that owning a dog can come with one potential hassle: ticks. These small arachnids carry infectious disease through saliva that causes detrimental health effects for you and your dog. The Sawyer Tick Removal Pliers with Magnifier helps you inspect your dog for ticks and remove them without squeezing the saliva from the tick into the skin. These pliers make it safe, fast and easy to remove ticks not only from your dog, but from humans as well.

Dogit Pet Water FountainThe Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Pet Drinking Fountain has been a favorite for our customers for many years.  Not only does this pet drinking fountain provide filtered water for your dog, but also features a re-circulating water flow that provides a constant supply of fresh water. This fountain has a large, elevated surface area making it useful for dogs that are larger, older or suffering physical ailments. This fountain accepts the Dogit Design Fountain Filter Cartridges that are economically priced for under $10.

WaterQuik Pet Water Fountain with ValveThe WaterQuik Pet Water Fountain with Valve is another useful product for your dog. Attach this water filter to your garden hose or spigot and get filtered, clean drinking water for your pet. This pet water filter is effective in reducing chlorine, chemicals and pesticides. When purchasing this filter, don’t forget to pick up the correct filter replacement which will provide filtered water for your pet for up to six months.

Show your dog some love, after all they are family too. Give them the love and care they deserve.