USA Weekend’s Make a Difference Day – Volunteer


Would you be willing to make a difference for someone else, if only for a day? On October 27, making a difference will be what many colleges, communities, corporations and individuals will be doing as part of the 22nd annual Make a Difference Day. This is the largest day of volunteering in the nation, all about improving someone else’s life through volunteer work such as food drives, park cleanups and more.

This day of volunteering is for everybody no matter how young and old, anyone can carry out a volunteer project that will impact others. Take a look around your community and see what needs are not being met. Are there hungry or homeless people? Are schools and parks being neglected? Whatever void you see, don’t be afraid to fill it.

One way you can make a difference in someone’s life would be to help give the gift of clean water. Millions around the world lack this basic necessity that so many of us take for granted. A one mile donation can go a long way in giving clean water for a whole year. To learn more about The W3 Project, our mission and how you can help out, visit our website.

This is a day of neighbors helping their fellow neighbors; a day of people pulling together for the common good of a stranger. Look around and find a project near you or organize one of your own. Whatever method of volunteer you work you participate in, know that the difference you make in someone’s life will have a lasting impact, not just for them but for you too.