Pamela Anderson Poses Nude for Clean Water

pamela-andersonMany celebrities have participated in charitable movements to bring clean water to those in developing nations. Perhaps the most well-known is Matt Damon, who along with Gary White, co-founded We are proud to say that Pamela Anderson has joined the ranks by posing nude for the January 2011 edition of Playboy magazine and earning $25,000 to be donated to the clean water cause.

As we all know, the posing nude part was nothing new for this former Baywatch star and Playboy girl. ┬áThe donations were sent by check to Waves 4 Water, one of several water charities that distributes water filter equipment, ranging from small ceramic water filters to entire filtration systems, to people in countries like Indonesia, Haiti and Pakistan, who don’t have access to clean water. Though Anderson also contributed personally, she said she wished she could do a lot more.

(Don’t we all?)

Rest assured. That next purchase of Playboy will enable you to say that you did your part to help those less fortunate…