Pool and Spa: Is Your Water Clean?


“Come on in, the waters fine!” is a phrase you may hear in the coming months as more and more people take frequent dips in their pool and relax in their spa. But is the water really fine? Is the water in your pool and spa clean? Maintenance is often neglected during the long winter months as many pools and outdoor spas are not frequently used. Without proper maintenance on your pool or spa, your water could be imbalanced and conceal waterborne contaminants that are potentially toxic to your body. Many of these problems are not visible to the naked eye, so just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it is clean.

A filter is a vital piece in pool and spa maintenance. Pool and spa filters remove water impurities and other contaminants from your water, resulting in water that is clean and healthy enough for your family. Without the proper filtration in your pool and spa, you may notice an increase in bacteria and algae formation.

The Filbur FC-3053 Pool and Spa Filter works with pools, spas and hot tubs. It features Anti-Microbial (or Microban) technology, which prevents microbes such as bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew from growing or reproducing. The construction of the Filbur FC-3053 ensures durability and consistent water flow. Having a filter installed (and replacing your older one) is a must for pool and spa maintenance. Browse through our complete list of pool and spa filters to see which one best suits your needs. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions on cleaning and replacing your pool and spa filter.

After installing a filter in your spa or swimming pool, we are often left wondering if the filter is really doing what it’s supposed to do. Is it removing the harmful contaminants from my pool water? Is it making the water safer for me and my family? Too often these valid questions go unanswered, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

watersafe-test-kit-smaller-blogThe Watersafe Water Test is an antibody-based test kit that detects the presence of bacteria in spas and swimming pools. The Watersafe Pool Water Test will provide an on-site water analysis (with no training or instrumentation required) of harmful levels of bacteria in your pool or spa water in under 20 minutes. There are no chemicals to add in order to conduct the water test. The Watersafe Bacteria Water Test delivers accurate and reliable results in a convenient and disposable bacteria test strip. This allows you to eliminate the guesswork of whether or not your pool water is suffering from bacteria or other harmful impurities.

Pool and spa filters are just as important for your swimming pool as your household water filter and your air/furnace filter. Before you take a dip in the pool, or relax in the spa, make sure that the proper pool and spa maintenance has been done. The correct pool and/or spa filter is the first step in healthier water.

Looking for Filbur Pool Filters at a Discount Price?

This time of year sees an increase in swimming pool usage, as many find ways to beat the summer heat. The increased use of pool and spas means paying closer attention to the quality of water that you are using. Pool and spa water is often vulnerable to environmental conditions and can require regular maintenance. During the month of August, Filtersfast.com is offering customers an additional 10% off of our already low price on any Filbur Pool and Spa filter. Filbur Manufacturing produces pool and spa filters that are number one in construction and quality. According to Joe Marcotte, National Sales Manager for Filbur:

 “Our filters are produced to exact OEM specifications because we are the industry’s leading OEM cartridge supplier. We maintain strict specifications on all replacement cartridges and grids. We use industry proven Reemay Media with the proven Microban Antimicrobial technology. This prevents harmful bacteria from growing on the cartridge. Less bacteria results in a reduction of foul odors, algae, black mold and other harmful contaminants which foul a cartridge.”

Filbur filters are easier to clean than any other filter in the marketplace. They also feature Filbur Freedom™ Antimicrobial Pool and Spa Filter Cartridges that prevents harmful bacteria from growing on the cartridge. The Antimicrobial Protection lasts as long as the cartridge filters.

For a complete list of Filbur products available on Filtersfast.com, visit our Filbur category page. Take advantage of this exciting offer today. Filbur pool and spa filters ensure better water quality in your pool and spa.

The Best in Filter Technology

We all use filters. Whether it’s a water furnace, refrigerator, oven, automotive or microwave filter, they are the key component to keeping our air and water clean and fresh.  More and more, state governments are increasing regulations on water and air quality in an attempt to keep citizens safe. This increased awareness has led manufacturers to create new and improved ways to produce filters. In particular, Bayer MaterialScience has partnered with BayOne Urethane Systems LLC to introduce innovative ways to produce the best in filtration materials.  As website azom.com reports, “Bayer has strengthened its technical leadership role in the filtration market by expanding its reach and leveraging a global materials supply chain to benefit customers.”

The polyurethane that Bayer manufactures can be used in either rigid or flexible functions, which is ideal for various filtration needs. For example, the Filbur FC-2370 Rainbow Dynamic pool filter uses thermally bonded polyurethane to ensure durability and consistent water flow. Many additional pool and spa filters use polyurethane technology to ensure a high quality, durable product.  Unlike other materials, polyurethane is lightweight, faster to manufacture, and uses much less environment harming resources  than other materials .  So, kudos to Bayer MaterialScience for working to create earth friendly materials for use in filter media.