Solar Powered Water Desalination – Portable



Concerned about the lack of fresh drinking water in the developing world, designer Gabriele Diamanti began working on a solution to desalinate water that would be readily available to households. His solution is nothing short of remarkable. Meet the Eliodomestico which, according to, operates like an “upside down coffee percolator.”



The design of the Eliodomestico consists largely of two ceramic pieces that sit on top of each other. Inside the top piece is a black container that salt water is poured into. The sun will then heat the container, turning the salt water into steam. When the pressure builds, the steam is forced down a tube into a container in the lower piece. Once inside, it condenses against the lid and collects in the basin of the container. The bottom of the container is designed to be carried on the head, which is a common practice in developing countries.

Perhaps the most remarkable part is its simplicity. The Eliodomestico, which collects about five liters of fresh water per day, would cost an estimated $50 to build with no operating costs.

With this invention, those in the developing world will be able to desalinate their own water instead of having to rely on centralized desalination plants.

This innovative design received special mention at the Well-Tech Award 2012 and was the pro winner of the Core77 Design Awards 2012 in the social impact category.