Prahlad Jani Update – The Human Filter Continued

Just a quick update on Prahlad Jani, whom we wrote about on April 29. At that time, Prahlad Jani had gone a full week without taking in food or water, nor had he urinated.

Well, folks, Prahlad Jani wasn’t finished. The latest Prahlad Jani update informs us that the man we’ve dubbed as the human filter (Jani’s body seems to filter water through his palate, and to also filter urine from his bladder) has gone 15 days without food or water, under the watchful eyes of medical examiners.

After satisfying the doctor’s 15-day watch, Prahald Jani has now returned to his village and his life of meditation and yoga.

The doctors overseeing Jani are still baffled by Jani’s ability to go without food or water, but they hope to use the experiment to find ways to help soldiers, astronauts, or others without access to food or water survive.