Katadyn ExStream Water Bottles

With warm weather now gracing much of the country, many are heading to the great outdoors to camp, hike and fish. Depending on how great these outdoors are, keeping hydrated and finding clean water sources can be paramount.
You don’t want to be burdened with carrying bottles upon bottles of drinking water, but at the same time, you don’t want to risk drinking water from streams, lakes and rivers, which can contain waterborne protozoa such as Giardia.
The Katadyn Exstream water bottle allows to drink such water without consuming bacteria and harmful contaminants. The bottle uses an advanced Virustat technology to kill 99.9999% of waterborne viruses. Just dip the bottle into any water source and you instantly have safe and delicious drinking water.
I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t that take some of the fun out of “roughing it”?
Well don’t think for a second that MacGyver himself would prefer a paper clip, a piece of gum and some fishing line over this water bottle. When you’re outdoors and clean drinking water is scarce, this water bottle can be a lifesaver.
Katadyn also makes a variety of pocket filters, siphons and emergency water tabs to ensure you’ll be safe and hydrated when on your next camping or hiking trip.