Patriot Day 2012: A Tribute to Our Nation’s Emergency Responders

Patriots Day On this day 11 years ago, our nation was forever changed. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 left our nation reeling and many afraid. It was during this time when we realized who the true heroes were. The brave men and women, who selflessly laid down their lives to help those trapped in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, showed us what heroism really is. Revered qualities such as bravery, courage and selflessness were front and center as we watched these brave men and women lay down their lives for strangers.

What the EMS, Fire Department and Police Officers did that day was not just a part of their job, they went beyond the call of duty. They made a decision that saving lives and preserving what this country stands for is more important than anything else. Let us never forget that this is what they do every day. Every time they put on the badge, their firefighters gear or take off in the ambulance, they are doing more than just their job; they are saving lives and facing challenges that many of us do not/would not face.

We will be remiss if we let this day go by without saying those two simple words that can mean so much: Thank You! Thank you for your bravery, sacrifice and your willingness to stand up and face insurmountable odds every day. All of you are the real heroes in this country and we greatly appreciate you. For those who lost their lives on that horrible day or may have lost loved ones, we stand with you on this day of remembrance. We will never forget.