“Does Filters Fast carry filters that remove pharmaceuticals in tap water?”

It’s a question we’ve been bombarded with since yesterday morning, when the Associated Press published an article stating that United States manufacturers and drugmakers have legally released 271 million or more pounds of pharmaceuticals into water sources that often provide drinking water.
During this “PharmaWater” investigation, the AP identified 22 compounds present in drinking water. Included in these compounds are such chemicals as lithium, antibiotics, sedatives, mood stabilizers, sex hormones, skin-bleaching cream and chemicals used to combat head lice and worms.
Yet while drugmakers and manufacturers are certainly responsible for a large portion of the pharmaceuticals in our water, consumers of the pharmaceuticals are just as responsible for depositing pharmaceuticals back into the water supply. After taking these pharmaceuticals, consumers excrete the unabsorbed remainders into the toilet, where they enter the water supply. Flushing drugs down the toilet is a more direct way of doing this, and one that is surprisingly common.
Perhaps the only thing scarier than all of these pharmaceuticals in our drinking water is that there is currently no filter that removes pharmaceuticals from tap water. While companies are currently working on filters that remove pharmaceuticals from water, none do as of yet. Some theorize that filters using activated carbon may work, as the carbon has been shown to capture organic substances that may be found in pharmaceuticals. But as of now, the testing for pharmaceuticals is too insufficient to say whether or not this is the case.
So while we cannot say for certain whether these filters remove pharmaceuticals, we can say that many of our filters do remove contaminants that we know can be harmful to your health, such as arsenic, lead, chlorine, cysts, total dissolved solids, toxic heavy metals and bacteria.
Give us a call to discuss your specific filtration needs. Better yet, consider purchasing one of our many home testing kits, which will tell you exactly what is in your water (again, except for pharmaceuticals).
Then, when you know what’s in your water, give us a call and we’ll suggest a filter that will remove the undesired contaminants.

Bottled Water, a Snail’s Aphrodisiac?

There are many reasons not to drink bottled water. But I can think of none so disturbing as the possibility you might be drinking a snail’s aphrodisiac. This according to a Wired Science article citing a German study that discovered snails bred at a much faster pace in water from plastic bottles than they did in water from glass bottles.
The study attributes this to the plastic bottles leaching active chemicals into the water – chemicals that mimic natural sex hormones. These hormones, however, apply to humans as well.
Now before you go touting the benefits of an aphrodisiac as inexpensive and readily-available as bottled water, think of the consequences. The xenohormone residue found in the study’s water can lessen virility in boys and cause the early onset of puberty in girls.
So until I find snails reproducing in my kitchen sink, I’m going to continue filtering and drinking my home’s tap water. It’s much cheaper, ecologically responsible and, most importantly, I can rest easy knowing I’m not overpopulating the world with gastropods.

The Time for Revolution is at Hand

Adorned in colonial waistcoats and tri-cornered hats, the men piloted their boat into Boston harbor to dump the unfairly priced beverages back into the rolling sea beneath. It was nothing short of a political revolt, an act of resistance urging the masses to take action against the injustices under which they had suffered for far too long.
We all recognize this scene as from the Boston Tea Party in 1773. But some Boston residents witnessed this demonstration just a week ago, and it wasn’t tea and taxes that was being protested against: it was bottled water.
Activists from the Think Outside the Bottle campaign performed this demonstration to draw attention to United Nations World Water Day on March 22. More specifically, it was an effort to convince more people to drink tap water, rather than its comparatively overpriced and ecologically-irresponsible equivalent.
So, America, rise up against your oppressors! Know your enemy, bottled water, and choose your weapons wisely. Whether you are looking for faucet filters, Brita pitchers, or even undersink or reverse osmosis systems, Filters Fast has everything you need to fight the good fight!