What Makes NYC Tap Water So Good?

Tiny, invisible shrimp.

I’m sure you weren’t expecting that one, were you?

As several of our posts over the last year  indicate, New York City is proud of its tap water, and with good reason. A company called Tap’d NY has bottled and successfully sold NYC tap water, and the Famous New York Baking Water Corp. has created a water filtration system that yields water similar to that of NYC tap. This water may be the secret ingredient in the famous New York style pizza. But what makes it so great?

Well, we aren’t sure, but recent evidence suggests that tiny invisible shrimp, called copepods may have something to do with it. While they don’t sound so appetizing, these little creatures are completely harmless. In fact, they are known to eat mosquito larvae.

If you’re Jewish, the water is definitely not kosher, so you might want to get a water filter if you live in NYC. Or if the idea of drinking shrimp juice just plain freaks you out, a recent article in Time Magazine affirms that most commercial water filters will do the trick.

New York City embraces its tap water

Drink NYC Water

NYC embraces it’s tap water, which is considered to be among the best in the world.

Just two weeks ago, we wrote about the many accolades that New York tap water has received. Tap’d NY, for example, bottles New York’s tap water and sells it. The Famous New York Baking Water Corp. replicates the water New York City is so well-known for and then sells it to bakeries and restaurants hoping to recreate the pizzas, breads and bagels of The Big Apple.

But these companies aren’t the only ones trying to capitalize on New York City’s tap water. The CityStore, the official store of New York City, is now selling water decanters, glasses, coasters and t-shirts that feature the words “Drink NYC Water” pouring from a faucet.

New York City is obviously proud of its tap water, and rightly so. In a 2008 report, New York City Department of Environmental Protection hinted at this new campaign. The report also mentioned the ways in which drinking tap water is better not only for the environment, but also for your wallet (drinking two liters of tap water every day adds up to only 50 cents a year!). The city is also adding more water fountains around New York to ensure NY’s tap water can be had throughout the city.

The Famous New York Baking Water Corp.

Famous New York Baking Water Corp.If asked to list the ingredients of a well-made New York-style pizza, most would begin by rattling off the usual suspects: a hand-tossed crust, a delicious tomato sauce and fresh  mozzarella. Few would start by mentioning the one ingredient that many insist is critical in making a New York-style pizza pie: the water.

New York City has long been praised for its water. Last year, we wrote about a company called Tap’d NY, which was openly bottling New York’s tap water for sale. And, perhaps not surprisingly, people were buying it.

Now, many restaurants outside of New York are using the same water to make their pizza, bagels and breads, thanks to the Famous New York Baking Water Corp. The company has created a water filtration system that yields water with a similar profile to New York’s acclaimed water, which is then used by bakers and chefs to produce foods similar to those found in New York.

The water can also be used in sauces, soups or other dishes that aren’t exclusively thought of as “New York” foods. The company claims that the water is similar to New York’s water from a century ago, “before pollutants and contaminants invaded the water supply.” Now, the company says, restaurateurs can use this same great-tasting water without worrying about contaminants and impurities.