Bottled Water Bomb?

New York City Times Square was evacuated for the second time this week due to reports of a “suspicious package.”  The package was just a few blocks away from where a vehicle loaded with explosives was found about a week ago.  In a city prone to terrorism, the paranoia seems natural.  What makes this story so noteworthy for us is that it drives home the point we have been desperately trying to make all along – bottled water is dangerous!

What does bottled water have to do with anything, you ask?

The package in question was a soft cooler full of water bottles.  The brand is unknown and irrelevant, because bottled water of any kind is not a good thing for our planet.  This was obviously not a terrorist attack, as the package was found to be harmless.  But what was it? Why did someone leave a cooler of water bottles in Times Square, just blocks away from where a suspicious vehicle warranted a bomb threat last week?  Perhaps the discovery of this package was no coincidence.  Perhaps the water gods are trying to tell us something here:  besides crowding our landfills and contributing significantly to the pollution and degradation of our environment, bottled water is a potentially explosive threat to the human race (pun intended.)  The message is clear.  It’s time to drop the bottle and get a water filter.