Celebrate UV Safety Month with Filters Fast

July is UV safety month. As many of you who are fair-skinned already know, exposure to ultraviolet light outside the home can cause cell damage to your skin and eyes, so it is important to wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful UV rays while outdoors. However, UV light inside the home can provide a safe source of water and air for you and your family.

UV light renders microorganisms sterile – unable to reproduce – thus eliminating the risk for disease.  As water and air are exposed to UV light, any living organisms inside the source become inactive. A UV water filter is an ideal option for rural water supplies, or any water source that has not been chemically treated. This method disinfects water without the addition of harmful chemicals like chlorine. Similarly, a UV air treatment system prevents bacteria, mold and viruses from growing inside your HVAC system as it cleans the air, lessening the need for chemical cleaners, many of which also contain toxic pollutants. Moreover, because UV light is unable to pass through the metal or glass enclosing your system, these methods pose little risk of UV damage to the eyes or skin.

This summer, UV light is both your friend and your foe. Who knew?