Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts from the Filter Geek

Like many around the country, you are searching for the perfect romantic gift for your significant other. You could always buy roses or a box of chocolate, but how about a gift that truly shows your appreciation for them? We don’t sell candy, jewelry or top-of-the-line gadgets (shocker, I know), but we do offer romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that show how much you truly care about the health and wellness of your significant other.

When you think of romantic gifts, a humidifier does not come to mind (unless you’re me, of course), but a humidifier can be an important household item. For those dealing with congestion, sinus irritation and more, a humidifier makes a big difference. The Crane Pink Drop Shape Humidifier gives you relief from the aforementioned ailments, in a whisper quiet operation that can run up to 24 hours. This sleek humidifier looks great, and works even better.

Our loved ones have strange personality quirks, like weird habits or singing embarrassingly loud in public. No matter how different they may be, there is one important aspect you both share: the need for water to survive and function on this Earth. What better way to make sure they have easy access to this resource than a BPA free, stainless steel alternative to bottled water? The Klean Kanteen Red 18 oz. Bottle is transportable, dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable making this an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

I admit that an air filter may not come across as the “sexiest” Valentine’s Day gift to get your loved one. However, when you look at the benefits of the Filtrete 6-pack Micro-Allergen Home Air Filter, it is easy to see why I’m recommending it. This 6-pack of filters reduces pollen, smoke, household dust and more. By cleaning the air your loved one(s) breathe; you’re helping to keep their health intact. What’s more important than seeing your loved one healthy and in good spirits?

Other great gift ideas include the Austin Air HM205 Baby’s Breath Allergy Machine that gives your child the rest it deserves. Order now and receive a special GWP pre-filter with your order.

These are also great long distance relationship gifts. We’ll ship it directly to your far away lover on your behalf. I won’t be offended if you didn’t see any gifts that interest you. However, I will be offended if you don’t visit and browse through our complete selection of water pitchers, water bottles, humidifiers and air filters for more gift ideas. After you place your order and it is delivered safely into the hands of your loved one, you don’t have to tell him/her that your gift idea came from the filter geek. You can take all the credit for that, my friend. Just remember to look beyond the usual Valentine’s Day gifts, and go for the gift that shows how much you truly care about their well being.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Filters Fast

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is quickly approaching. While you can shower your love with gifts and candy on February 14th, think about giving the gift of pink with these select items from Filters Fast.

Brita Grand PitcherThe Brita Grand Water Pitcher Filter is a water pitcher filter with a lovely pink lid that provides you with great tasting and fresh water in your home. Simply fill the pitcher with tap water and the filter will reduce lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, benzene, toluene, tetrachloreethylene, sediment, dirt, rust, and more from your water. Featuring a flip top lid, soft grip handle, and electronic filter change indicator, this pitcher is an ideal gift.

Crane Pink Cool Mist HumidifierThe Crane EE-5301 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier-Pink provides relief from cough and cold symptoms, including congestion, sinus irritation, and dry skin. This humidifier arrives in a memorable pink drop-shape that will fit perfectly in any room in your house. This cool mist humidifier can run for up to 24 hours on its medium setting and does not require a replacement filter.

KOR ONE Special Edition Orchid Pink Bottle 750 mLThe KOR ONE Special Edition Orchid Pink Bottle 750 mL is a reusable water bottle with an elegant orchid pink design and elliptical shape. This BPA-free water bottle offers consistent hydration along with an eye-catching design. With a 25 ounce (750 mL) capacity, this water bottle is perfect for those on the go.

Vapur Anti Bottle Water Bottle - Pink 16 oz.

The Vapur Anti Bottle Water Bottle – Pink 16 oz. is a reusable Vapur water bottle with a revolutionary space-saving design and sleek pink design. Vapur water bottles are extremely flexible and almost entirely collapsible. They are designed to fit where ordinary water bottles do not. This bottle can be flattened, folded up, rolled up, and more for easier carrying and to save valuable space.