Queen Latifah Invests in NYC Bottled Spring Water

Queen Latifah’s latest business venture just might be as worthless as deciding to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate right now…

Bottled water? And in New York City, no less – a city that has some of the best-tasting tap water in the country.

That’s right, folks. Queen Latifah has entered the bottled water business as an investor in New York Spring Water, in conjunction with the Flavor Unit Entertainment Group, which manages her film and television projects. The plan is to use her film and TV career to market the New York City bottled water brands – Aqua84 mineral water, VBlast Vitamin Water and VBee Vitamin water for kids. (Watch out, Ellen DeGeneres!) These brands were set to hit 7-11 stores in mid-October.

I guess when you have the fame and fortune of celebrities like Queen Latifah, one bad investment is no worse than losing a few pennies to your money-hungry sofa cushions.