Why You Should Invest in Doulton® Ceramic Water Filters


Ceramic filters are useful because it filters out a diversity of contaminants that may be present in drinking water, while keeping the essential minerals needed for good health intact. Around 99.88% of contaminants known to cause sickness or illness are filtered out by ceramic water filters. The line of ceramic water filters from Doulton® stands out from the rest.

According to Tim Evans, Business Development Executive for Doulton® Water Filters:

“The ceramic is actually micro-porous. When you look at it, you see ceramic, but if you were to put it under a microscope, you would see a range of microscopic pores that very small, less than 1 micron in diameter. What that means is that water can pass through, but the contaminants in the water can’t.”

The ability for water to flow freely, while keeping contaminants at bay is the chief reason why you should invest in Doulton® ceramic water filters. By installing a ceramic filter in your home, you will filter out the chlorine and taste in your drinking water, leaving you with better tasting and a higher quality of water.

Within the ceramic filters is a carbon block filter that is designed specifically to remove any dissolved chemicals from water, such as chlorine, which is generally responsible for taste and odor in tap water. This taste and odor is a common reason why many choose to stay away from their tap water. However, its alternative (bottled water) is not any better.

Doulton® filters are both easy to use and simple to clean. As long as you have water pressure, the ceramic water filter will operate at highly efficient levels. Many filters, such as the Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candle and the Imperial Sterasyl Ceramic Filter, are reusable which allows you to extend the life of your ceramic filter. Brush off the outer layer of contaminants under running water with a small brush to wash off the filters.

We recently caught up with Doulton® at WQA 2013 in Indianapolis and got to know them in an even better way. Watch the video below for first-hand information along with tips for choosing the right ceramic filter to fit your needs.

After being in business for 180 years, Doulton has plenty of experience in providing quality water filtration. Quality is exactly why choosing Doulton® is a wise choice.