Will Fracking Affect Your Pizza?

Fracking. This controversial topic has made it to the headlines of many news centers across the country. Whether you are for or against it, the debate surrounding this hot topic issue is sure to be important now, and for generations to come. For those of you who are new to the issue, fracking is the process of pumping water and sand underground in hopes of freeing natural gas from underneath the rocks where it is trapped.   Small fractures occur naturally underground, allowing some of this natural gas to be extracted; however, fracking accelerates this process. Opponents of fracking argue that it will contaminate groundwater as well public drinking water systems.

Most recently, the fracking debate has heated up in New York.  Surprisingly, executive chefs, bakers, and restaurant owners are jumping into the frontlines of the debate. Many are making it their mission to raise awareness about the negative effects fracking can have on New York’s cuisine (Farley, thirteen.org). The organization, called Chefs for the Marcellus, has drawn the attention of some big name chefs, including the Food Network’s, Mario Battali. Battali’s four star restaurant, Del Posto gets much of its produce and meats from the farms in upstate New York, where the Marcellus Shale lies, and where Governor Cuomo would like to introduce hydrofracking.

Hoping to appeal to peoples stomachs, Battali and his chef comrades are insisting that fracking will impact the quality of their food. Executive Chef Brooks Headly of Del Posto is also extremely concerned about the effect fracking can have on New York’s eateries,insisting, “NYC is the greatest city of pizza, and a lot of people say that’s because of the water. If we destroy the water supply, we destroy New York pizza” (Farley,thirteen.org).

So, what do you think of the fracking debate? Do you oppose it because you believe it will contaminant groundwater and isn’t environmentally friendly? Are you for it because you believe it will decrease the price of gas and create jobs? Or, like Mario Battali, do you oppose it because you believe it will negatively affect the world-class cuisine found in New York City? Here at Filters Fast, we want to know what you think, so post your thoughts to our comment section or Facebook Page!

What Makes NYC Tap Water So Good?

Tiny, invisible shrimp.

I’m sure you weren’t expecting that one, were you?

As several of our posts over the last year  indicate, New York City is proud of its tap water, and with good reason. A company called Tap’d NY has bottled and successfully sold NYC tap water, and the Famous New York Baking Water Corp. has created a water filtration system that yields water similar to that of NYC tap. This water may be the secret ingredient in the famous New York style pizza. But what makes it so great?

Well, we aren’t sure, but recent evidence suggests that tiny invisible shrimp, called copepods may have something to do with it. While they don’t sound so appetizing, these little creatures are completely harmless. In fact, they are known to eat mosquito larvae.

If you’re Jewish, the water is definitely not kosher, so you might want to get a water filter if you live in NYC. Or if the idea of drinking shrimp juice just plain freaks you out, a recent article in Time Magazine affirms that most commercial water filters will do the trick.