The Water Guardian

Game ContestOur water supply is littered with contaminants that harm our health in adverse ways. We use water filters, water purification tablets, etc., to fight them off but it seems like the battle is never ending. Don’t you wish you could take out your frustrations against these contaminants? Now you can. Join the Water Guardian in his quest to rid the water supply of contaminants such as cryptosporidium, bacteria and Giardia. The game is simple and fun to play. To sweeten the deal, we’re giving away a prize to the person who can beat the game in the fastest amount of time. Want more details? See below.

To participate:

1. Be a fan of one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube) or a subscriber to our free Newsletter. Not a fan or a subscriber? Connect with us now!

2. Play the Water Guardian and beat the game by eliminating the water supply of contaminants.

3. Create a FREE account so your  time will be logged to the leader board. This process is simple, FREE and will not infringe on your privacy in any way.

4. The contest begins Friday September 7, 2012 and ends Friday September 21, 2012 Thursday September 27, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST. The winner will be announced Monday September 24, 2012. Friday September 28, 2012. 

5. Whoever beats the game in the fastest time will win a HM Digital Test Meter and a $50 Visa Gift Card.

6. Ties will be determined by a random drawing.


Guidelines (Click the image to enlarge):

Remember, creating an account is FREE and simple, and the contest ends Friday September 21 Thursday September 27 at 3:00 PM EST.  Now that you’re all set, let the games begin! Click the picture below to get started in your quest. Offers The Lowest Price Guaranteed

Everyone is making savvier decisions about their personal spending costs these days. Who does not want to save money? For you, our loyal customers, wants to provide you with the Internet’s Best Price Guarantee on air filters and water filters.

Many sites require that you purchase an item before receiving a price match, however we will match a competitor’s price before you purchase it. That’s right! Should you find an item that is advertised for less on another site, simply complete the Product Guarantee Form found on our Low Price Guarantee page before you buy.

Guidelines for our Lowest Price Guarantee:

  • Products advertised on other sites must be the exact same brand, part number and SKU. They also must be in stock, brand new and sealed in their factory box and have a published online price. We will not price match items from classified ads or auction sites, nor are we able to match prices for limited-quantity offers, closeouts, mail-in rebates, gift cards, gift checks, free promotional products, membership specials or clearance specials. Only the websites of U.S. corporations will be considered when price matching. Some manufacturer’s institute a minimum advertised price policy and Filters Fast is unable to offer prices lower than those specified by these manufacturers. Guarantee claim is limited to one item per person.
  • Because there are some sites that put up false prices, Filters Fast reserves the right to determine which sites are legitimate retailers and reserves the right to not sell products below its costs. Filters Fast cannot match prices resulting from another site’s typographical errors. Furthermore, Filters Fast will factor in differences in shipping charges, taxes, handling charges and any other charges assessed between and competing sites.
  • Filters Fast reserves the right to change or cancel the low price guarantee at any time without notice.


For additional information on how you can take advantage of getting the best bang for your buck, check out our Guaranteed Lowest Price Offer!

Going Green By Recycling Water Filters for World Water Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is not the only reason why we’re celebrating “Going Green.” With Spring announcing its arrival next week and World Water Day falling on March 22, the call to action for being good stewards of our environment is more urgent than ever. If we don’t take care of our environment, our environment will definitely turn on us. We are paying homage to the value of going green as it relates to water. It comes as no surprise that the birthstone for March is an Aquamarine. This pale blue gemstone whose name originates from the Roman word “Aqua” meaning water and “Mare” meaning sea resembles the color of seawater.

For decades, we have grown familiar with the term “Going Green.” It is a ubiquitous statement that defines our worldwide ecosystem and the lives of humans and animal life everywhere. Around the world people, businesses and charities are making great strides by building communities to raise awareness about caring for and nurturing our neighbors and our planet.

As we prepare to celebrate World Water Day on March 22, Filters Fast would like to recognize some of our water filter vendors who have implemented impressive recycling programs for their products and going green initiatives.

Mavea offers a comprehensive recycling program where every part is broken down, cleaned and re-used. Nothing goes to the landfill. Return a minimum of 6 “Mavea” filters (only). They will pay the shipping costs. Simply request a pre-paid shipping label.

Rainshow’r is now proud to partner with Active Recycling, an environmentally aware recycler, who understands our desire to limit our impact. For more information about their recycling program visit

Brita has a recycling campaign that recycles its carbon filters for the pitchers and faucet attachment models. For more information on recycling your Brita, filter visit

ZeroWater recycles their filters by separating each filter, then sending the plastic along with the materials inside to be sent to various facilities for reuse. Visit for more information.

Everpure water filtration products are recyclable and details on recycling locations can be found at or  you can contact Everpure at (800) 323-7873.

Make sure you are only sending filters made by these companies to avoid being charged for additional shipping. Through recycling, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste that litters our landfills and save energy compared to creating new waste with new products. Everything we do or don’t do plays a vital role in the health and dynamics of planet Earth.