New Jersey American Water Scholastic “Tap for Tap” Original Song and Dance Contest

NJ American Water Scholastic Tap for Tap ContestThe New Jersey American Water and Scholastic is hosting a Tap for Tap Song and Dance contest for students in grades K-8. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students to help the environment by opting for tap water. To enter, teachers should have their students write a toe-tapping original song describing what makes tap water so special, and then choreograph a tap dance routine to go along with it. Teachers may submit entries by mailing in the song lyrics and a video of the dance, or by submitting the material online through the Scholastic Tap for Tap entry form. This contest is open to New Jersey public schools, private schools, home schools or dance schools.

Judging will be based solely on the song lyrics and how well it communicates the benefits of tap water. Three winning classrooms will receive a field day from New Jersey American Water, along with a brand new library of Scholastic books and a pizza party.

We thought this was a creative and fun way for students to learn about the benefits of opting for tap water over bottled water. Though the contest is currently open to students in the New Jersey area, perhaps teachers in other states can be inspired to host or participate in a similar event. Teach your kids about tap water now, so that they will develop good, environmentally-friendly habits from now into adulthood. Filters Fast offers several other ways for your students to learn about water and sustainability, including a WaterSafe Science Project Water Test Kit that can compare the water quality of up to 10 different tap water samples. For other ideas on taking your classroom to the next level, take a look at our “Educator’s Guide to Green Lessons and Activities,” as well as this collection of Energy and Science Projects for Students.

Buyer’s Guide: Whole House Water Filter Systems

Our whole house water filter systems buyer’s guide is meant (like all of the other buyer’s guides on our site) to assist you, the consumer, with your decision to opt for fresh, clean filtered water in your household. Here are just a few things about whole house water filters, and what makes them unique:

1. They are designed to remove sediment, dirt, sand, rust and heavy metals from your water. All of these contaminants can be harmful to the household appliances which are connected to your home’s water line. Some whole house filters also effectively reduce the bad taste and odor of chlorine.

2. They filter much larger amounts of water than other conventional home water filters, including faucet filters, undersink filters and countertop filters. If you live in a large household, you may want to opt for a whole house filter, instead of, or even in conjunction with, one or more of these other filter systems.

Which whole house filter is right for you? Get your water tested, and then read our buyer’s guide to find out!