The HM Digital Facebook Competition– pH Water Testing Meter

Do you have a pool or spa? How often do you test the water in it? Water testing is a crucial aspect when it comes to your water quality. You should test the water in your pool, spa, drinking water, water for pets to drink and other water-related uses. PH meters are used to test your water for contaminants, sediments and other impurities that may be lurking in your water. Once you have tested your water, you will have a better idea of how to treat your water. We understand the importance of water quality. This is why and HM Digital are having a FREE HM Digital PH Meter and a PH buffer give a-way.

All you have to do is answer the following questions in 3 sentences or less.

1.)    Have you tested your water recently?

2.)    What do you use to test your water?

3.)    What did you find in your water?

In order to participate:

  • Go to our Facebook page and click on “events”
  • Once there, click on “The HM Digital Competition”
  • Post your responses to the above questions in the comments section
  • All entries will be entered into a random drawing where the winner will be determined
  • You must be a fan of the Facebook page to be eligible
  • All entries must be submitted by Tuesday July 17 by 3:00PM EST

Test Your Water with HM Digital

“It is hard to imagine that an instrument weighing only 2 oz. could make ripples in the water industry.” – Jessica Moorman associate editor for Water Quality Products.

Did you know that one of the most important things you can do for your health is to regularly check the quality of your water supply? Too many times we think that just because the water looks clean means that it is clean. Sadly, that is not the case. Many waterborne particles are not visible to the naked eye, meaning you could be ingesting harmful toxins without knowing it. This is why utilizing a water test meter is critical. Of all the choices available for water quality analysis, we suggest HM Digital. They provide premier, high quality water test TDS meters.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is anything in the water you can’t see other than pure H2O. This could include any salt, metal and/or minerals. The lower the TDS level, the purer the water. HM Digital provides accuracy in TDS testing and offers great features for affordable prices. According to Charles Lee, Managing Director for HM Digital, Inc.:

“HM Digital strives to provide higher quality products at more affordable prices.  All of HM Digital’s instruments, pack in more features and specifications than the competition, yet are available at the same or better price.  The company’s industry-leading warranties solidify the brand as the first choice in instrumentation.”

With that said, there is little doubt why HM Digital is the choice for you when it comes to testing your water, whether it is for your pool, spa, or everyday drinking water.

The HM TDS-3 Meter with Carrying Case features little maintenance and convenient features such as a large, easy-to-read LCD Display and an auto off function to conserve battery life. Suitable for residential and commercial use, this HM Digital Meter provides accurate results of the waterborne contaminants that may be lurking in your water supply. Use this meter to:

  • Check the performance of your water filter
  • Confirm that your drinking water is at a healthy, safe TDS level
  • Measure TDS levels for other applications such as residential RO applications

A vinyl carrying case with a belt clip and a three year limited warranty is included with the purchase of the HM TDS-3 Meter.

The HM Digital PH-200 Meter is a highly accurate, professional-grade digital pH and temperature meter. The HM PH200 can be used for pH testing, water purification applications, pools, spas, wine or coffee applications and more. This accurate and useful meter has a one year factory warranty and comes with one 7.0 PH buffer.

The HM Digital PH Buffer is economically priced, lightweight and has an indefinite shelf life. Preparation directions are included on the bottle for your convenience. Three packets of 4.0 pH, 6 packets of 7.0 pH and 3 packets of 10.01 pH are included upon purchase.

The HM Digital PTDS-4TM Pocket Size TDS Meter is a hand held digital water quality tester which is used to test the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other impurities in water. This pocket size HM Digital water test TDS meter is the smallest and lightest TDS meter available on the market. Its uses range from testing the water quality of pools/spas to your drinking water at home. The housing of this HM Digital water quality tester is water-resistant and has a low-battery indicator.

If you do not regularly check your water quality, you could be doing your body a huge disservice. The quality of the water you drink is just as vital to your life as water itself. Remember, the best way to benefit from water is to draw from a clean source of water.

For more information on HM Digital, check out the video below:

Biofouling: Can It Trigger Allergies From Drinking Water?

One of the most common physical occurrences in marine science is the accumulation of   microorganisms, algae, mussels, seaweed, plants and other water-related growth that is attached to the hull of ships or on the posts of a pier. Such undesirable growth decreases the performance of a ship and increases fuel consumption. This accumulation is called biofouling or microbiological fouling. Biofouling consists of biofilms, which under normal circumstances are harmless, but can be problematic when they produce build-up on pipes and wells, or completely clog water filtration systems.

Waterborne bacteria and other contaminants can trigger allergic reactions, but you can do something to thwart these harmful pollutants from infiltrating your drinking water supply. Water test kits are available to easily check for waterborne contaminants in your drinking water. If you are in an area where you experience more comprehensive problems with your drinking water, then you will probably need an expert to test your water and advise accordingly. Often water-related allergies associated with biofouling result from improperly maintained water filtration systems, cartridges, filters or membranes that are long overdue for replacement.

Cooling towers, water distribution networks and membranes are not immune to biofouling. If membrane filtration or reverse osmosis systems contain the presence of a huge amount of phosphate, this could reduce production of your system, decrease the life of the membrane for your water filter system and increase maintenance costs. In a cooling tower, the presence of biofouling can lead to an excessive amount of harmful bacteria growth and migration. Biocides are used to prevent biofouling in cooling towers, but could create an environmental concern.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established enforceable standards to apply to public water systems called National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR). According to the EPA, primary standards protect public health by limiting the levels of contaminants in drinking water. The typical agents for microbiological fouling include iron, sulfur-reducing and slime producing organisms, although many others exist. Your drinking water will contain some type of sediment, rust, scale or other waterborne pollutants that could create an environment for biofouling in the walls and membrane of your filtration system. This could lead to water-related allergies or diseases if precautions and proper maintenance are not taken ahead of time.