Wine on Tap?

wine vending machinesWhat if, instead of purchasing wine by the bottle, you were able to bring your own jug or container with you to the supermarket and fill it up with wine yourself?

Pretty soon, you just might be able to, according to recent news. Last month, 500 and 1,000-liter self-serve wine tanks landed in French supermarkets. It may only be a year before these wine vending machines hit American grocery stores. The concept, similar to Ecowell‘s environmentally-friendly soda and juice vending machines, is intended to raise environmental awareness, while helping consumers save money. By getting rid of traditional wine packaging, the wine can be shipped at much lower prices.

Supposedly the wine still tastes pretty good, though I’ll be interested to see the response of wine connoisseurs. Wine in an old rinsed-out milk jug from home just doesn’t sound quite as appealing to me as wine aged in a corked bottle, but if you’re the type that enjoys Franzia out of a box, then go for it. ¬†Of course, we at Filters Fast will be in support of any green movement.

I’m also wondering what this might do to the bottled water industry. If people are willing to sacrifice wine by the bottle for “wine on tap,” then surely they’d forego bottled water in favor of tap water, right? Pretty soon, we may be seeing self-serve water tanks in grocery stores too. Perhaps within the year, we’ll be able to add wine to our list of “Essential Goods Cheaper than Bottled Water” – watch out IBWA!