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Looking for a top notch countertop or similar setup

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  • Looking for a top notch countertop or similar setup

    Hey guys,

    My water comes from a lake which has ALOT of boats in the summer and is also heavily chlorinated, so mostly I need a filter that can deal with chlorine and heavy metals very well. What would you suggest? water quality is very important to me.

    I hear reverse osmosis makes the water quite hungry for minerals and can actually take them from your body, also very acidic/oxidative, With that in mind I want to stick to carbon I think.

    I hear The PurestOne CT-1 Counter Top setup is good but just wondering what else there is? is a 0.5 carbon block the best you can get basically?


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    Hi cleanplanets, About 10 years ago I did research and found a company called General Ecology that makes all kinds of water purification stuff. I got a counter top model and have been VERY pleased. They are not at all cheap but have serious filtering and purifying. They have a web site with scads of info on all sorts of filter setups. Haven't explored all their info lately but they did have info about what fraction of a micron of something could get thorough their systems. Suggestion - check it out. Again - NOT inexpensive, but serious real purifying. Good hunting - MacGregor