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whole house filter issues

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  • whole house filter issues

    I need some information on what may be causing an issue with my filter system. I bought this house 10 years ago and it already had a filter installed. I live in a rural area north of Raleigh NC. I had a pump go bad in October 2012 and found out then the well is 452 feet deep. it was quite the workout pulling it out. I replaced the pressure and switch at the same time convincing myself it was the best thing to do. The filter is a Whirlpool WHKF-DWHV and I presently use a 50 micron filter. Over this past weekend I put in a hot water tank and needed to move it to a more centrally located position within the house. I also installed a Rusco spin down sediment filter with a 140 mesh stainless screen. I was hoping to be a position to change my filter less often. I only get about 2 weeks from a 50 micron paper filter. I enjoyed amazing water pressure and actual hot water for a day before the screen was plugged. Here lies the problem. The screen was plugged with something. It wasn't sediment otherwise I think the spin down part would have worked but this was like short pieces of hair. I had to take the screen out and continue using the other filter system which catches everything but I was hoping to relieve myself from changing filters so often. The filter plugs faster with the amount of rain I get and with Hurricane season around the corner I need to extra filters on hand. Can anyone tell me what this algae like substance is from or how to contain it? Or point me in a direction where I might find more information? I would prefer not call in a plumber since all trades here are astronomically priced once they show up but more often than not don't show up at all. Please let me know if I left anything out and always any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What color was the hair-like substance that you are seeing? Any pictures of the substance on the filter screen?

    When was the last time you had the water sent off for testing, if at all?


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      The color was more of a brown than a green and I'm sorry now I didn't think to take any pictures. I have not had the water tested. Do you recommend that first and where do you get water tested? Is it something I can do myself?


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        Hi cjk04nc!
        Get your water tested first and from the result, you can get a good advice on what to do with this problem of yours. :-)


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          I think, you should buy the whole house water tested kit to identify your water problem.