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New filter leaking even though inserted properly

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  • New filter leaking even though inserted properly

    Hi, I just tried to install a new Pure H20 filter (PH21510) to replace my Maytag UKF7003. I've been getting filters here for years but this is the first replacement I have had that leaks/drips inside the refrigerator. Any suggestions on what else to check? The old filter works fine when installed, except obviously says "Change Filter". Thanks.

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    I bought Culligan water filter system to try and solve the sediment problem from our well. I read some reviews that said the inlet threads were trash, but I thought I would give it a try. I had no problems with the threads. I simply got a few 1" male adapters and Teflon tape, and they went right in. I did turn it counter clockwise for a bit until I felt the threads line up, so maybe the bad reviews had to do with cross threading, not sure. As far as the filtration goes, it worked great. It is not perfect, but I am not blaming it on the unit itself, but rather my choice of cartridge. I went with the 50 micron, but I plan on plumbing another one of these units in series with a 5 micron filter. I have some pretty sandy water, so I figure the first one will get the big stuff, and the finer filter will get the smaller stuff. Hope this helps!