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Custom RO system: mixing filtered water

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  • Custom RO system: mixing filtered water

    Hello, I have been reluctant to get a whole house RO system for my home. The cost, complexity and brine wastewater did not sound good to me. Also, my test results for my well water (drawn from the Florida sandstone aquifer at 114') come out not too bad. In summary, well water slightly above circumneutral for pH, no iron, no manganese but sulfides (3.7 ppm so below the 5 ppm threshold), hardwater at 12 got (typical of karstic water). TDS below 500 ppm at 450 ppm (gravimetrically measured).

    So, my whole house water system is a clack 5 buttons WS with calgon activated carbon medium with KDF 85 air drawn system (back flushing every day between 1 and 4am) and brine salt / softener.

    For drinking water, I still did not want to go the RO route and went with a double filtration frizzlife MK99/MP99. so, I get water that has less than 0.5um particles and 99.9% free of contaminants (or more). However the water tastes bitter.

    So, here are my thoughts: building a system with just a RO module that should reduce the TDS to close to zero and then raise the pH back up and add minerals OR better, mix the RO water with my current filtered water which does not need to have a system to raise the pH and add minerals since my filtered water already have the good minerals in (I just need to dilute it). I will add a permeate pump to reduce my wastewater.
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    Hello, Im new to this so take my words with a grain of salt. The system im installing is an RO but I also have a ALK filter to help with the taste, straight RO water is drying to me. I also add in trace minerals, again to improv on the taste. My wife is very picky, in fact she would only buy spring water, not filtered, because of the taste/mouth feel. So far, she has no issue with my current setup.