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Using a pump with RO system

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  • Using a pump with RO system

    We bought an RO system and had a plumber install it with a holding tank and pump as we are taking it from the filter in the basement up to the kitchen on the main floor. Things seemed ok, but the pump would run longer and longer and eventually we had a plumber look at it. He said the tank was full and probably needed to be air charged or the bladder was gone. We did that and still had the problem so bought a new tank. Now the pump runs continuously. So at this point we don't know if the pump is faulty or there is a problem with the RO. Both were bought only 3 years ago

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    Hello Andrew, My suggestion would now to reach out to the manufacture and see if they have any advice on what could be the problem.


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      I fully agree with the author of the previous post that it is better to contact  the master. In fact, the osmosis filter system was bought for a long time, so there may already be little information about the product. Although personally make a lot of money playing at, so if something goes wrong, I always buy a new one.