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Newbie: What to look for in buying my first under sink water filter?

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  • Newbie: What to look for in buying my first under sink water filter?

    Hello guys. I'm new to the forum. After reading recently about proper water drinking/filter I decided to purchase a under sink water filter for my house. I'd like to ask the professionals in this forum what should I look for in buying one? I want an under sink one for sure. There are many models and I don't understand to much of the lingo used. What are some important factors to look at in buying one? What should have? Not have? What to avoid...etc.

    Thanks again

    Look forward to your reply


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    I've been wanting to get an undersink water filter. Right now I just have a fridge water filter. I don't want one with a separate water dispenser but one that can filter the water coming out of the faucet. What are some good brands of undersink filter systems.
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      I am also looking to add a 3-stage filter system for drinking water under my kitchen sink. (I don't have space for RO.) My water is safe but it looks and tastes awful. I have been looking at reviews of the commonly available systems there, but really need real life based experiences
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