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Black sediment, dirty clothes. What's your opinion?

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  • Black sediment, dirty clothes. What's your opinion?

    Hello everyone,
    New to the site, hope you can help. Here are water test results from culligan. Hardness 13gpg, iron 0 ppm, sulphur 10ppm, ph 7.5, tds 270ppm, irb no, srb yes, no clay. I am using a culligan system to take out the sulphur smell. It is chlorine fed injection with filtration. My problem is that my in line filter with a 10 inch sediment filter is black. The filter is installed after the filter from culligan that removes the chlorine. There is no smell but it does feel slimy. Leaves a black stain on your fingers. Also my whites in my washer are turning yellow and look dingy. Almost stained as if they were covered in mud. Also my hot water tank sometimes smells of sulphur even though the cold water is clean and test 0 ppm after treatment. Any ideas on what could cause my problems.