Holmes HWF62 Humidifier Filter - HM1280, HM1700


Holmes HWF62 Humidifier Filter - HM1280, HM1700
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The Holmes HWF62 is the correct replacement for the following models of humidifiers:

  • Halls HLS1300
  • Halls HLS1400
  • Holmes HM1230
  • Holmes HM1280
  • Holmes HM1281 
  • Holmes HM1285
  • Holmes HM1295
  • Holmes HM1296
  • Holmes HM1297
  • Holmes HM1700
  • Holmes HM1701
  • Holmes HM1760
  • Holmes HM1761
  • Holmes HM2025
  • Holmes HM2030
  • Holmes HM2408
  • Holmes HM2409
  • FamilyCare HM1275
  • FamilyCare HM1450
  • FamilyCare HM1740

The Holmes HWF62 Humidifier Filter - HM1280, HM1700 features Microban technology which is a built-in protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause bad odors and stains.

The HWF-62 also features Arm & Hammer baking soda which naturally deodorizes the air by absorbing and eliminating odors that come from garbage, bathrooms, pets, litter boxes, smoke, and cooking.

The HWF62 filter is sold 1 Per Pack.

This Holmes replacement filter is also known as the Holmes HWF-62 Wick Humidifier Filter and part number HWF62PDQU. The Holmes HWF62 Replacement Filter can be used as a compatible with this model.

The Holmes HWF62 specifications:

  • Microban technology
  • Type A Filter
  • Features Arm & Hammer baking soda
  • 1 per pack
  • Part number HWF62PDQU

HWF62 is used in the following Models

 Halls HLS1300

 Holmes HM1230

 Holmes HM1280

 Halls HLS1400
















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  • " Thank you for your expert service when helping me get the proper filters for my old pool and filter system. The new ones are perfect and work very well. All the best! " - Jim, Alamo, CA
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