Panasonic CNRAH257760 Compatible Filter by IcePure


Panasonic CNRAH257760 Compatible Filter by IcePure
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The IcePure RWF3400A is the compatible replacement refrigerator water filter for the Panansonic CNRAH257760. The RWF3400A removes chlorine, odor, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and THMs (trihalomethanes). The RWF3400A also removes herbicides and pesticides such as (95% reduction rate), Atrazine (85% reduction rate), and Toxaphene (90% reduction rate). NSF42 certified by the WQA (Water Quality Association), the RWF1300A also has a chlorine tested reduction rate of 99.06% by the WQA. The RWF3400A is also designed to remove heavy metals and any Class 1 particulates.

Filter Specifications:

  • Part Number: RWF3400A
  • Flow Rate: 0.5-1 gpm
  • Operating Temperature: 34-100°F
  • Operating Pressure: 30-120psi
  • Filter Life: 6 months/1,500 gallons (depending on water quality/level of contaminants)

The RWF3400A is a compatible replacement water filter for the following:

  • Panasonic CNRAH-257760, CNRBH-125950

Installation Instructions:

  • Remove the drawer and the filter panel
  • Tilt the water filter slightly upwards
  • Turn the water filter counterclockwise by 1/4 turn and pull it towards you
  • Ensure that O-rings are present on the new water filter and are seated into grooves; moisten O-ring with water. DO NOT use any petroleum products to lubricate the O-rings
  • Install the new water filter. (Follow the steps for removing the filter in reverse)
  • Flush the new water filter for 5 minutes

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