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Replacement for Model 700

Filters Fast® A35PR Replacement For American Standard BAYPAD02A1310A R


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The Filters Fast® A35PR, A35-PR is the compatible replacement water panel humidifier filter pad for the American Standard BAYPAD02A1310A R. The water panel slides into the scale control insert and water distribution tray, where it begins to absorb water. Once saturated, the humidifier moves air through the filter which adds humidity to the room. Humidifiers are great for alleviating cold weather symptoms such as cracked lips, bloody noses, sinus irritation, coughing and more. Keep cold weather symptoms at bay and replace your filter today!


  • Brand: Filters Fast®
  • Part Number: A35PR, AprilAire 3502, AprilAire 35-02, UA35WPRP
  • Replaces Part Number: BAYPAD02A1310A R
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Filter Life: 6 - 12 Months
  • Dimensions: 13" x 10" x 1.5"

Additional Features:

  • Metal construction
  • Prevents mold and fungus growth
  • Black paint indicates top of filter

Compatible Parts:

The Filters Fast® A35PR Replacement For American Standard BAYPAD02A1310A R is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
AprilAire 35
AprilAire 35-02
AprilAire 3502
RP RP-35
Tempstar 3242rp
Toptech tt-pad1
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Compatible Models:

The Filters Fast® A35PR Replacement For American Standard BAYPAD02A1310A R is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
American Standard AHUMD300A Humidifier
American Standard AHUMD300ABA00B Humidifier
American Standard AHUMD500 Humidifier
American Standard AHUMD500A Humidifier
American Standard AHUMD500APA00C Humidifier
American Standard AHUMD500APA00CA Humidifier
American Standard HUMD300A Humidifier
American Standard HUMD500A Humidifier
AprilAire 350 Humidifier
AprilAire 360 Humidifier
Aprilaire 560 Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 560A Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 568 Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Filter
AprilAire 600A Humidifier
Aprilaire 600A Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 600M Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 700 Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 700A Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 700M Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 760 Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 760A Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire 768 Humidifier Filter
Aprilaire APRILAIRE 600 Humidifier filter
Bryant HUMBALBP 2317 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBALBP 2417 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBALBP2217 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBALBP2317 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBALBP2417 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBALFP 1318 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBALFP1318 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBALFP1418 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLBP 2217 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBBLBP 2317 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBBLBP 2417 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBBLBP2217 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLBP2217-A Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLBP2317 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLBP2317-A Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLBP2417 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLFP 1218 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBBLFP 1318 Air Filter
Bryant HUMBBLFP1218 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLFP1218-A Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLFP1318 Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLFP1318-A Humidifier
Bryant HUMBBLFP1418 Humidifier
Bryant HUMCCLBP2217 Humidifier
Bryant HUMCCLBP2317 Humidifier
Bryant HUMCCLFP1318 Humidifier
Bryant HUMXXLFP1518A Humidifier
Carrier 49BA00100 Humidifier
Carrier CCLFP1318 Humidifier
Carrier HUMBALFP1218 Humidifier
Carrier HUMBBCLFP1218 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCALBP 2317 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCALBP 2417 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCALBP2317 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCALBP2417 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCALFP 1318 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCALFP1318 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCCLBP 2217 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCCLBP 2317 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCCLBP 2417 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCCLBP2417 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCCLCP1318 Humidifier
Carrier HUMCCLFP 1218 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCCLFP 1318 Air Filter
Carrier HUMCCLFP1218 Humidifier
Carrier ZIHUMCCLBP2217A Humidifier
Honeywell HC26A1008 Humidifier
Honeywell HE200A Humidifier
Honeywell HE250A Humidifier
Honeywell HE260A Air Filter
Honeywell HE260A Humidifier
Honeywell HE260B Air Filter
Honeywell HE260B Humidifier
Honeywell HE265A Air Filter
Honeywell HE265A Humidifier
Honeywell HE265B Air Filter
Honeywell HE265B Humidifier
Honeywell HE300 Humidifier
Honeywell HE360A Air Filter
Honeywell HE360A Humidifier
Honeywell HE360B Air Filter
Honeywell HE360B Humidifier
Honeywell HE365A Air Filter
Honeywell HE365A Humidifier
Honeywell HE365B Air Filter
Honeywell HE365B Humidifier
Honeywell ME360 Humidifier
Idylis 0149096 Humidifier
Idylis A35-ID Humidifier
Lennox HCWB2-17 Humidifier
Lennox HCWB2-17A Humidifier
Lennox HCWB3-17 Humidifier
Lennox HCWB3-17A Humidifier
Lennox HCWBK17A Humidifier
Lennox HCWP18A Humidifier
Lennox HCWP2-18 Humidifier
Lennox HCWP2-18A Humidifier
Lennox HCWP3-18 Humidifier
Lennox HCWP3-18A Humidifier
Lennox WB2-17 Humidifier
Lennox WB217 Humidifier
Lennox WB218 Humidifier
Lennox WP2-18 Humidifier
Lennox WP218 Humidifier
Luxaire S1-BP6000MT Humidifier
Luxaire S1-FP7000MT Humidifier
Maytag 918128 Humidifier
Maytag 918129 Humidifier
Nordyne 161 Humidifier
Nordyne 191 Humidifier
Nordyne 917863 Humidifier
Nordyne 917864 Humidifier
Nordyne 919599 VISTA 714 Humidifier
Ruud RXIH-AB17A Humidifier
Source1 S1-HUPAD35 Humidifier
Tempstar HMICLB17A Humidifier
Tempstar HMICLB17B Humidifier
Tempstar HMICLF18A Humidifier
Tempstar HMICLF18B Humidifier
Toptech TT-HUM-265 Humidifier
Toptech TT-HUM-365 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBD-2317 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBD-2417 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBP-2217 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBP2217 Air Filter
Totaline P110-LBP2217 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBP2317 Air Filter
Totaline P110-LBP2317 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LBP2417 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LFB1218 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LFP1218 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LFP1318 Air Filter
Totaline P110-LFP1318 Humidifier
Totaline P110-LFP1318-A Humidifier
Totaline P110-LFP1418 Humidifier
Trane THUMD300 Humidifier
Trane THUMD300ABA00A Humidifier
Trane THUMD300ABA00B Humidifier
Trane THUMD500 Humidifier
Trane THUMD500APA00B Humidifier
York S1-BP6000MY Humidifier
York S1-FP7000MY Humidifier
American Standard HUMD300A Humidifier
American Standard HUMD300T Humidifier
American Standard HUMD500A Humidifier
Aprilaire 560 Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 560A Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 568 Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 600 Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 600A Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 600M Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 700 Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 700A Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 700M Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 760 Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 760A Refrigerator Filter
Aprilaire 768 Refrigerator Filter
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Customer Reviews:

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Diane M. Seymour2021-12-01

I have used this size filter for many years. has the best price for this size filter. The quality is top of the line and the value is outstanding. The filters are always delivered in a timely manner. I always purchase my filters from for their exceptional value and free shipping.

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