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Replacement for Model B36CL80SNS/06
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Genuine Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro Filter

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Spring Source SS-RWF6100A-S Replacement for Bosch BORPLFTR50, 11025825, 12033030

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6 Months
Filter Life
6 Months
NSF 42
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Product Information
Bosch 11025825
Spring Source SS-RWF6100A-S

Enjoy the best-tasting drinking water possible with the Genuine Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro Filter. The 11025825 features activated carbon block technology that is ideal for removing chlorine taste and odor and other types of contaminants. Certified to NSF 42, 53 and 401 standard, this filter also works superbly in producing great-tasting ice cubes from your freezer' s ice maker. The 11025825 lasts up to 6 months, is easy to install and requires no tools. Make the most of your Bosch UltraClarityPro refrigerator experience and bring home the Bosch 11025825 UltraClarity Pro for you and your family to enjoy!


  • Brand: Bosch
  • Part Number: 11025825
  • Alternative Part Number(s): 12033030, BORPLFTR50
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Filter Life (Months): 6
  • Filter Life (Gallons): 250
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon Block
  • Dimensions: 8.75" H x 2.25" W x 2.25" D
  • NSF Certification(s): 42, 53, 401

How do you install the Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro?

Bottom of the Refrigerator

  1. Take the protective cover off of the new Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro filter, and remove the old filter by turning the cap counter clockwise, then pulling out.
  2. Take the cap off the bottom of the old filter by pulling the tab towards you slightly and pulling it off.
  3. Place the cap onto the new Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro filter and slide the new filter into the opening and turn clockwise.
    • Be sure to align the filter with the marks on the refrigerator or freezer. If you don't turn the filter far enough for alignment, water may escape and cause damage.
    • Tip: If the Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro filter does not easily slide in, rotate it clockwise while pushing it in. If the cap sticks out, lift the filter up (while it's inserted) and rotate clockwise while pushing in.
  4. Reset your water filter counter by following the instructions in your owner manual.
  5. Discard the water produced for the first 5 minutes and ice cubes produced over the first 24 hours.

Top of the Refrigerator

  1. Locate the filter compartment in the upper right corner, and open the compartment by pulling it forward a bit then down to the left at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Take the protective cover off of the new Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro filter, and remove the old filter by turning it counter clockwise, then pulling out.
  3. Insert the new Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro filter by turning it clockwise into the compartment. Be sure to turn all the way to avoid potential water spillage and damage.
  4. Reset your water filter counter by following the instructions in your owner manual.
  5. Discard the water produced for the first 5 minutes and ice cubes produced over the first 24 hours.

How often should you replace the Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro?

  • Changing your Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro is a very quick and easy process that should be done once every six months.

What contaminants does the Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro reduce?

  • The Bosch 11025825, BORPLFTR50 UltraClarity Pro is NSF 42 & 53 certified, which means that it reduces the following contaminants:

    • Chlorine
    • Chloramines
    • Lead
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • and, other contaminants

Compatible Parts:

The Bosch 11025825 is the correct replacement for the following part numbers:

Part Number
BOSCH 11025825
BOSCH 11041954
BOSCH 11050659
BOSCH 12028325
BOSCH 12033030
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Compatible Models:

The Bosch 11025825 is correct replacement for the following model numbers:

BrandModel NumberDescription
Bosch 36ct81sns/06 Refrigerator
Bosch 836cl80sns/08 Refrigerator
Bosch B22cs50 Refrigerator
Bosch B30BB935ss Refrigerator
Bosch B35cl80sns/07 Refrigerator
Bosch B3650CD50SNS/02 Refrigerator
Bosch B36BT9935NS Refrigerator
Bosch b36caus2 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cd50 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD505NB Refrigerator
Bosch b36cd505ns/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD505SNS Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD50SN2/02 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD50SNB Refrigerator
Bosch b36cd50sns Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD50SNS/02 Refrigerator
Bosch B36cd50sns/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD50SNS/2 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cd50ss/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD5OSN Refrigerator
Bosch B36CD5oSNS02 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80E Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80ENS Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80ens/01 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80ENS/02 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80ens/03 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80ens/05 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80ENS/06 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80ens/07 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80ENSS Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80sn/03 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80sn/07 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80SNS Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80sns/01 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80sns/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL80SNS/05 Refrigerator
Bosch B36cl80sns/07 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl80sns/08 Refrigerator
Bosch b36cl81eng Refrigerator
Bosch B36CL8OENS Refrigerator
Bosch B36CLSN Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct80ens Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SN/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SN/06 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SNB Refrigerator
Bosch B36ct80snb/04 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct80snb/06 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SNS Refrigerator
Bosch B36ct80sns/004 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct80sns/02 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SNS/06 Refrigerator
Bosch B36ct80sns/08 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CT80SNS/09 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct80sns/10 Refrigerator
Bosch B36ct80sns/3 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/01 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/02 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/03 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/04 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/05 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns/06 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns01 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns02 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns03 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns04 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns05 Refrigerator
Bosch b36ct81sns06 Refrigerator
Bosch B36CTBOSNS06/ Refrigerator
Bosch B36CtT80SNS Refrigerator
Bosch B36FD50SNS Refrigerator
Bosch b36fd50sns/01 Refrigerator
Bosch B36IT905NP Refrigerator
Bosch B36IT905NP/03 Refrigerator
Bosch B36IT90SNP Refrigerator
Bosch b36lt80shb Refrigerator
Bosch B36t80sns Refrigerator
Bosch T241F905SP Refrigerator
Kitchenaid B36CAUS1 Refrigerator
Thermador T181F905SP Refrigerator
Thermador T18ID800RP/67 Refrigerator
Thermador T18ID905LP Refrigerator
Thermador T18IF905SP Refrigerator
Thermador T18if905sp/06 Refrigerator
Thermador T18if905sp/11 Refrigerator
Thermador T24id905lp/04 Refrigerator
Thermador T24IF905SP Refrigerator
Thermador T24IF905SP/09 Refrigerator
Thermador T301B905SP Refrigerator
Thermador T30if905sp/09 Refrigerator
Thermador T36BB Refrigerator
Thermador T36BB915SS/10 Refrigerator
Thermador T36BT Refrigerator
Thermador T36BT820NS Refrigerator
Thermador t36bt925ns-04 Refrigerator
Thermador T36FT820NS Refrigerator
Thermador T36IB905SP Refrigerator
Thermador t36it905 Refrigerator
Thermador t36it905n9/03 Refrigerator
Thermador t36it905np Refrigerator
Whirlpool B36CD50SNB/03 Refrigerator
Whirlpool B36CL80SNS/06 Refrigerator
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Customer Reviews:

Total Reviews: 29 | Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Rita Arnett2023-02-08

Easy to install

Collected by

Easy installation

Collected by
Frances W Corbett2022-10-13

Installed in refer and working great. Dealer didn't have any in stock but you did. Thank you

Collected by
Lyn Wood2022-10-05

Good water filter

Collected by
Pam Williams2022-09-04

Exactly the right filter for my fridge. Quality product

Collected by
Don D2022-08-20

Fast service, correct product.

Collected by
E. Shaw2022-07-28

Works as described in literature.

Collected by
Terry Martin2022-07-06

Recommend replacement filter and works well to reduce any after tastes in our city water

Collected by
Jennifer Lawrence2022-06-29

Like the product and love the schedule i am on for refills.

Collected by
Betty Welch2022-06-28

Great product and does what it is suppose to do.

Collected by
Kinney Kinney2022-05-25

Did not fit my freezer

Collected by

The filter was delivered quickly.

Collected by
Lyn Wood2022-04-06

Does what it is supposed to do.

Collected by
David Enloe2022-04-02

Very reliable product and clean tasting water that I drink every day, over and over!!

Collected by

Great filter. Easy to install.

Collected by

Manufacturers recommendation for my appliance. Definitely will purchase again.

Collected by
Robert Weaver2022-01-23

Seems to be working just fine.

Collected by

A reliable filter at a very reasonable price!

Collected by
Stephen Fields2021-12-31

This is the actual OEM Bosch filter like the one that came with the refrigerator not one of the many copycats on the web.

Collected by
Martha Wood2021-12-07

Good product.

Collected by

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