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FXHTC - FXHTC Whole House Water Filter
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  FXHTC Filter cartridge
Dan G - New Hampshire   (Wednesday, August 03, 2011)

Prior to purchasing this filter cartridge, we used the Paper folded one, it was good, but did not filter out all the sediment, & slight smell. Since changing over to the more expensive FXHTC filter we have noticed a BIG difference in clearer water in glass & no more smell. It is almost like drinking spring water. We have the transparent cannister on the bottom of our whole house filter appliance, which allows us to view the filter, while filtering. To my surprise, I replaced the old paper filter with this one two days ago, & it is already tobacco colored brown. We're on city water, Not well water. The previouse paper filter took a full 3 months to dirty. Of course that was during the winter months. Now, in the summer months, I'm watering the lawn etc. Just wondering if the extra water usage is what is causing my filter to dirty up so fast (two days). All though the filter cartridge is tobacco brown, the water coming out of the faucets, is still crystal clear & good tasting. The instructions that came with the filter appliance does not show or tell you what to expect from the filter cartridge. ie: Any color changes. Does it mean the filter is working properly, & trapping all sediment or does it mean it needs tio be changed again. I'd like to rate this but I can't until my questions are answered. Have to call GE.

  GE Water Filter
Shirley R. - Chase City, VA   (Monday, April 11, 2011)

I have been using the GE filter for the whole house. And my dishwasher reminds me when it is time to change the filter just in case I forget. A white looking film is on my dishes, pots and pans. Great filter and very happy with it.

  Filter it and
Timmy P. - Texas City, Texas   (Thursday, December 16, 2010)

I placed my whole house filter in about 7 years ago and it uses one carbon filter per month. The number of gallons varies, but I can say it filters just as I designed it to do. Due to well water being unpredictable at times due to sand and undesirables, I highly recommend this filter. I designed my water filtatration system with back flushig qualities, it give me less frequent filter changes. Now the cost is expensive, but just as the previous viewer stated.... less overall plumbing repairs.

  Whole house filter
Vinny - Northern MI   (Sunday, November 14, 2010)

If you are looking for a quality filter, stop here, you've found it. It was shocking to see the quality of our ground water.It made us sick. We have resolved ourselves to the fact that we have to change our cartridge once a month. Believe me, it does what it says. Now I only give it a four star rating because they cost around $35. I guess when I think about it, if I used a cheaper filter, I'd spend more money on cleaning supplies cleaning sinks, toilets and showers. So change this one to five stars. Definitely top Quality.

  Good Filter
Stephen Munson - Maple Valley, WA   (Tuesday, April 06, 2010)

This filter does a great jo of trapping particles and removing chlorine. Did want to comment on the previous post....everyone who uses a filter that removes chlorine should be MUST clean items that don't circulate water frequently. The black stuff will form becuase you no longer have CHLORINE in the water to keep things from growing. Even fresh & clean filtered water can form some bad things if left sitting. We put cholrine tabs in each toilet tank to keep things nice and clean then we can enjoy the chemical and dirt-free water for cooking, drinking, etc... AND it will allow you appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, coffee pots, etc..) in great condition.

  Traps everything
Sam J - St. Petersburg, FL   (Wednesday, March 31, 2010)

As a whole house filter, this cartridge traps everything, including chlorine. Ours is ahead of the water softener. The filter has a carbon element, therefore, must (per the instructions) be flushed immediately upon installation and before use to clear out the initial flow of carbon slough. (The black stuff is not harmful, but it will look unpleasent.) This is not a problem for me, as this is typical of most carbon filters. Our municipal supply has many very old iron pipes, so we can see a lot of organge sediment trapped even in the first few hours of use. Filter lasts about 2-3 months (5-6000 gallons) before flow starts to decrease. My only 'con' is that it is not cheap and I don't get anything near 30,0000 gallons of flow - but this is due to the amount of sediment rather than chlorine.

  FXHTC filter
Don Undehill - Rhinelander, WI   (Thursday, January 21, 2010)

Have GE large whole house filter unit and use the above FXHTC filter corectly installed. We have to change filter about every four months and do find in the downstairs bathroom a black silt which is not being caught by the above fllter!! the ad says it catches silt and we wonder why the toilet bow is blackened when not used for a few weeks. Septic system is good, recently installed new one and had all lines checked to assure no breaks were present. Advise is a better filter is available which will remove all of the
silt / etc.

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