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  • GeneralAire 900-28 Humidifier Damper Disk


    The GeneralAire 900-28 Humidifier Damper Disk fits the following models of humidifiers: GeneralAire 900 Series This humidifier damper disk controls the humidifier's air flow. This GeneralAire damper disk is also known as GeneralAire part no. 7573. GeneralAire 900, (7573 / 7573)

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  • GeneralAire 50-09 Humidifier Steam Manifold


    …manifold for the GeneralAire Elite Steam Humidifier Models DS50 and DS50LC. This steam distribution manifold is an important component for controlling the flow of warm moisture within your humidifier and centralizes the valves. This is a genuine GeneralAire DS50 replacement part and is produced from…

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  • GeneralAire 1099-41 Solenoid Valve Assembly


    …Legacy Humidifier Models 1099, 1099L, and 1099LH. The 1099-41 solenoid valve supplies the water feed tube and stops the flow of water to the humidifier so that you can control the amount of moisture released in your home. The 115 volt solenoid valve is a genuine GeneralAire replacement part.…

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  • GeneralAire 975-41 Humidifier Pump Mounting Stud


    The GeneralAire 975-41 is the correct replacement for the following humidifiers: GeneralAire 1042 Legacy Series Bypass Humidifier GeneralAire 1042L Legacy Series Bypass Humidifier GeneralAire 1042LH Legacy Series Bypass Humidifier GeneralAire 1042R Legacy Series Bypass Humidifier The GeneralAire…

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    Discontinued Product. Read Description for Options.
  • GeneralAire 975-10 Humidifier Float Valve Assembly


    …humidifier models are variations of the drain models, eliminating the need for the external drain or sewer. The water supply is controlled by a motor driven, adjustable flow pump. The pump is mounted in a reservoir where the water level is maintained by the General Air 6007 Float Valve Assembly. The…

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  • GeneralAire SL16 19.2 GPD Bypass Humidifier


    …valve The GeneralAire SL16 19.2 GPD Bypass Humidifier is a flow through by-pass drain type humidifier that provides relief from dry and itchy skin, sinuses, and nasal congestion. The GeneralAire Legacy Series humidifier allows you to control the indoor relative humidity of your residence for added…

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    Discontinued Product. Read Description for Options.
  • GeneralAire 727-7 Humidifier Drum Shaft


    …Drum Humidifiers are a compact unit that mounts in the warm air supply duct when bypass or flow through installations cannot be done. This humidifier is equipped with built-in humidity control and water is metered into the KineticFlow Trough that is evenly dispersed across the pad. Unevaporated…

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  • GeneralAire 3160 Energy Recovery Ventilator 160 CF

    (GA 4670)

    The GA 4670 includes the following features and benefits: Energy-saving Quiet operation Excess humidity control Evacuation defrost type Simple electronic control Easy cleaning and maintenance Airborne contaminant reduction Releases continuous supply of filtered, clean air The GeneralAire 3160 Energy…

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    Discontinued Product. Read Description for Options.
  • GeneralAire 8160 Heat Recovery Ventilator 160 CFM


    …general aire 8160 heat recovery ventilation unit will bring a continuous stream of clean, filtered air into your home. The 8160 hrv unit will also control excess humidity and cool incoming air during the summer months. The GeneralAire 8160 Heat Recovery Ventilato r 160 CFM works in the following…

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  • GeneralAire TERSus 2000 Air Purification System


    …microorganism growth in carpets, poor building ventilation, and out gassing due to construction products used in new homes and renovations. The control of indoor pollutants is important to prevent adverse effects that cause long term health problems. The GeneralAire TERSus2000 Air Purification…

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  • GeneralAire SSCB7G-R Ceiling Mount Cleaner System


    …smoke, grease, atmospheric dust, coal dust and insecticide dust, as small as 0.01 microns. This ceiling mount air purifier creates a circular air flow pattern that does not allow indoor air to rest at the ceiling. Smokey environments are cleared up quickly and helps to reduced symptoms of irritated…

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  • GeneralAire 747-28 24 Volt Motor Assembly


    …compact humidifier units that mount in the warm air supply duct when bypass or flow-through installations aren't possible. With built-in humidity control, a portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a water-soaked pad where it absorbs additional moisture to distribute throughout the…

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